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Dad and Kids Bonding with Cooper and Kid Kit

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Moms can be busy too and kids also need to spend time with their dads.  A walk in the park or a nice trip to the zoo or amusement park while mom does her work, Dad can always fill in for mom.

Cooper and Kid is a great way to spend time with dad if you prefer to stay home and discover new, entertaining and educational things from the sample kit.

What’s in the kit? Well, it can be many things like books, kits for making extra-ordinary things, educational and creative stuff and many more which are gender neutral so everyone can join in the learning process and have fun.


Make memories with your kids with Cooper and Kit. You can subscribe to Cooper and Kid kit here.

Close Friends and Sleepovers

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.  ~Elisabeth Foley

I thought my daughter will never outgrow her shyness. She used to clam up and barely invite friends over. All those introvert traits changed. My daughter is already in her teens so having a sleepover is something I have to get used to. Well, her friend from Scotland is in Dubai to visit her mom and friends. One of her activity in the line-up is to visit old friends from school. My daughter happens to be her BF here in Dubai. So she and another close pal is here to spend the night.

I am okay with sleepover as long as the parents of the other kids are okay. I just want to make sure that they have told their parents of their plans and that the parents would inform me of their approval. So far so good. I know the kids’ parents so I am okay.

I am so happy to see my daughter enjoying her evening with friends. I don’t mind the shrieking banshees at night. I don’t mind buying food and snack for them as long as they are having a fun time at home. I am thrilled to have them around since it is an honor to be a hostess to my daughter’s friends. That means their parents trust us for them to allow their kids to sleepover.

This is the 4th time since her friend’s visit last July. She and her other friends are always welcome to come and stay. I would rather they make noise here because I know they are safe in the confines of our home.

Vacation Time

I will be on blog leave starting tomorrow as my daughter and I travel to the Far East for a much deserved R & R and mother-daughter bonding time.

I won’t be checking mails nor posting in my blogs because I want to enjoy this vacation. It’s only for a week but thankful for the leave just the same.

I will be back next week and will certainly catch up on my blogs and other events in the blogosphere. Gotta go! I have some packing to do :)

Enjoying Summer

My daughter’s school term is over and she is already celebrating the summer break by going out with her friends. I am glad that she can go out with friends this time. She is really happy that she can spend the summer here this year. She begged to stay and fortunately, the flights back home didn’t really look that good so she got her way.

She has already outlined her activities this summer. Some of them involves visiting friends, walking the dog, cleaning the house and doing some laundry. Okay, don’t get me wrong now. This is not child labor. She wanted to do those stuff, so be it.

Summer will be twice as fun too because her cousin from San Diego will be visiting over for a month. So, she can go out with her friends and tour the cousin as well.

In few weeks, we will also fly to Singapore to have a mother-daughter bonding time and to enjoy a bit of summer in our hands.

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