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4 Mattress Options for Prolonged Bed Rest


We often encounter the term “bed rest” when we get diseases like the flu. However, while the flu often calls for bed rest that lasts for 3 to 7 days, some conditions have patients staying in bed for a period of months — in worse scenarios, patients are sometimes confined in their beds for years.

Comfort is an utmost necessity for prolonged bed rest. Being comfortable in this kind of situation helps maintain a positive outlook for the patient, as well as prevents further health concerns like pressure ulcers (more commonly known as bed sores) and gastrointestinal problems.

Luckily, there are several options in the market that are especially made to accommodate patients assigned to prolonged bed rest.


  1. Alternating pressure mattress

As the name implies, an alternating pressure mattress constantly switches pressure points on the body to promote circulation. These mattresses have rows of air bubbles, which inflate and deflate alternately, so that the pressure on different points of the body continuously changes, thus preventing bed sores.

The usual cycle time is about 10 minutes from head to foot, although some units can be programmed to have longer intervals. Patients rarely feel this alternating inflation and deflation of the air bubbles since the process happens slowly.

Some models have both alternating pressure and low-air-loss modes in one mattress system, though these tend to be more expensive than single-mode mattresses.


  1. Low air loss mattress

A low air loss mattress has air cells, similar to an alternating pressure mattress. But while an alternating pressure mattress has an inflate-deflate cycle, a low air loss mattress has small laser-made holes on its surface that continuously blow 100 to 150 liters of air per minute. This makes the patient float slightly, while air continues to circulate across the skin. This helps maintain the ideal skin temperature. The limited contact with the mattress’ surface also helps wick away moisture from the skin to prevent skin breakdown.


  1. Pressure redistribution mattress

These mattresses are usually made of high-density, highly resilient materials such as viscoelastic foam or “memory foam”. Some models use gels or air chambers, or a combination of both. Whichever material is used, pressure redistribution mattresses work by creating a more malleable sleeping surface.

As the foam follows the shape of the body of the person laying on it, the corresponding pressure is distributed evenly. This helps relieve pressure, especially on the heavier, bonier parts of the body like the head and neck, elbows, hips, and knees.

To maximize the effect of pressure redistribution, however, the patient still needs to be regularly rotated in bed by a professional caregiver.


  1. Lateral rotation mattress

A lateral rotation mattress is also called a turning mattress due to its primary function: it rotates or turns the patient from side to side to cyclically change the pressure points on the body. This is accomplished through changing the air pressure in the mattress, which creates an angled plane to turn the body. The turning cycles can usually be programmed for 10 to 60 minutes, with 10-minute intervals, depending on the model.

This kind of mattress is also often coupled with either a low air loss or alternating pressure feature, sometimes even both.

A lateral rotation mattress has an added benefit of preventing pulmonary complication by improving blood circulation. It also helps prevent upset stomachs in patients because the turning motion stimulates the gastrointestinal tract as well.

Prolonged bed rest is not an ideal situation for anybody, but with the latest technologies, patients can be made as comfortable as possible, on their way to healing and complete recovery.


Great Mattress For A Good Night Sleep

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I value sleep like a diamond. It is very important to me to get my 8 hours of sleep. If not, I unleash the “monster” in me. I prefer to have a quality sleep every night because it is very difficult for me to make sleep. My daughter even calls me the Queen because I am fussy and I have to have the right room temperature, well-dimmed lamps and an absolute silence before I can fall asleep. Disturb that and it will be chaos.

So, it is very important for me to have a good bed too. It is one of the many reasons why I try to avoid sleep overs or travelling with friends on shared accommodations. I can be very nit-picky.

If you’re like me, it is paramount to ensure that you are sleeping in a good bed with a high-quality mattress like Tuft & Needle.

There are several types of  mattresses. What’s interesting is that the most popular mattress is actually the least-liked. It turns out that innerspring mattresses are the most sold mattresses. However, they have the lowest overall satisfaction ratings! If you have a spring mattress, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. Perhaps it’s time for a mattress change?

While not necessarily sold the most, memory foam mattresses have the highest overall satisfaction ratings. However, these types of mattresses tend to be so expensive that you wonder if they are made from some super rare, magical material (spoiler alert: they’re not). The reality is that they are just really, really marked up — 6-12 times from manufacture to point of sale.

A great bed needs a great mattress. If you want a mattress that’s universally comfortable (i.e. not too soft, not too hard) then you should absolutely try out a Tuft & Needle mattress. There are no springs and the foam mattress adapts to your body weight, distributing it across a large area to create that float-like sleep. This is such a bliss!

They even let you try it out for 100 nights so you can get acclimated to it and ensure that you love it before you buy. And I would be remiss if I didn’t share that the price of these high-quality mattresses is unmatched. You’ll save so much money that you also could go by new 1000 thred count sheets, pillow cases, pillows, blankets and still not spend anywhere near what you would if you bought a memory foam mattress as a conventional retail store. And, did I mention that Tuft & Needle also gives you free shipping? Very true! They’ll actually be able to help you sleep like a royal.


Get the perfect mattress at Tuft & Needle now.

Tips On Converting A Guest Room Into A Nursery

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If you are expanding your family with an addition of a new baby and just cannot afford to buy or rent a new place with a room to spare for the nursery, maybe you should check your own home for a suitable room to convert into a nursery?

Not everyone are financially endowed so you have to make use of what is already available, in this case, a not-so-utilized guest room to convert to a nursery. And if you are lucky and you can actually use that room for the new addition in the family then all you have to do is check out these tips on how to go through it without leaving a large hole in your pockets and on the room’s wall!


Sell the old furnishings in the guest room that you will not need

If there is an old bed that was hardly used and can rake in extra money for you to augment your nursery project, then sell it by all means. There is no need to hang on to that bed unless you have an extra room to put that. However, if you are already tight for space that is why you are using the guest room to convert into a nursery then you probably don’t have enough space to accommodate that other bed. Sell it and even the other furniture inside the room or even the whole house as long as you will not use them anymore. Maybe leave the dresser for your baby’s clothings but the rest has to go.


Skip the wall repainting or re-installation of wallpapers

The objective here is to minimize cost as well when converting the guest room into a nursery. If the wall paint is boring, just add some cute and colorful vinyl stickers which are all a fraction of a cost of what you would have spent if you would do a repainting or re-installation of wallpaper job.


Add colorful with baby and kid themed curtains on the window

The curtains will add a spark of color and fun in the new nursery without having to dress the whole room up that will only cost you hundreds of dollars. The curtains will also give some privacy to the nursing mom and will keep the harsh light at bay.


Use an old couch as a settee

Do not buy a rocking chair or a nice couch for the nursery. Make use of the extra couch or settee that you have in your home and put it in the nursery for an added comfort when you need to nurse or just sit inside the room to watch or play with the baby.

Decorate your old couch or settee with colorful and whimsical patterned pillows to add coziness and warmth in the room like the ones in Cents of Style.



Borrow a crib instead of buying one

Your baby will not stay a baby forever. If you have relatives of friends who have tots who have outgrown their cribs, just ask if you can borrow it for sometime until your baby is big enough to transition into a toddler’s bed. The crib will be useful for at least 2 years, maybe 3 years at most and by that time, your toddler is ready to transition to his or her own cute little bed.

When my sister-in-law got pregnant, I lent her my daughter’s crib which was just gathering dust in our storage room. I even gave her  permission to repaint it to suit her preference because that way, I am able to help someone save money and the crib gets to be used again and it provided extra space now in our storage room for other stuff to take that place. I decided not to get the crib back and have it used again by another relative who got pregnant later on. One crib – many babies served. :)


Do not use fancy or high-end beddings for the crib

Like I said earlier, your baby will not be a baby forever and I cannot stress that enough. I think I only bought my daughter 1 full set of baby beddings and the rest were given by family and friends and I stuck with them. It saved me money rather than buy the high-end ones. As long as the beddings do not have loose ribbons or threads that can accidentally choke a baby then they are all good.

Inspect the baby beddings and make sure there are no loose threads, ribbons, garters or even small embellishments that a baby can choke on. An example of affordable beddings that you may check and consider are these Caden Lane – Baby Bedding sets.



Try to use led lights rather than hang a chandelier on the ceiling

Avoid chandeliers at all cost in a nursery for safety reasons. Use led lamps instead that can be bolted close to the ceiling. LED lights are cheaper and more energy efficient and can last longer than ordinary light bulbs.


So, the project of converting a guest room into a nursery need not be an expensive one. Just use whatever things you already have and repurpose them or upcycle then you have a nice, cozy nursery room for the new bundle of joy!


Decorating Your Child’s Room: Optimising Storage Space

Overwhelmed by toys, clutter and clothes? Check out our clever ideas to get back in control. Whether you’re shopping for storage units, cutting back on clutter or tearing your hair out at a lack of clever storage solutions, we’ve got all the tips you need.

Look for a Multifunctional Wardrobe

Give your kids a helping hand with getting organised by installing a wardrobe that has a place for everything. Look for a sturdy model that has plenty of drawers and open shelves for basket space as well as lots of hanging space. Add some stencils or stickers to point out what goes where to make sure that your child always puts things back in the right place.

Photo credit: custommade.com

Photo credit: custommade.com

Consider a High Sleeper Bed

If your child’s room is small, and space is limited, don’t cover a huge portion of it with a big, bulky bed. Instead, opt for a high sleeper so that you don’t have to sacrifice any floor space. Pick one with storage areas for clothes, homework and toys below. Check out Bedzrus to find a cheap but good-quality model.

Buy Some Under-Bed Storage Boxes

If you can’t afford to spend money on a new bed, so you’re sticking with what you’ve got, try adding some under-bed storage boxes. Boxes on castors are best as they can be easily trundled under the bed when playtime ends, and the wheels mean that even a child can move them without assistance. Give them a lick of paint so they match your colour scheme, and fix matching pieces to the wall above the bed to optimise storage space.

Create a Play Space Which Can Be Tidied Away

For bedrooms which don’t have enough space for a play table, get your hands on a play space which is mounted on castors. These trundles can be stored under most beds, ready to be rolled out for playtime. Most also feature drawers for storing toys and small pieces.

Furnish a Wall

If there is a spare wall in your child’s bedroom, cover it with a single storage unit which has the capacity to house everything from clothes to toys – that way, everything has a place to be neatly stored away, and you can keep the rest of your child’s room lightly furnished, optimising their play space.

Find Adaptable Pieces

If your child’s room has sloping ceilings, buy storage units that fit the space perfectly. Get your hands on a tape measure and get some exact measurements, checking them against storage unit dimensions before you buy. Fitted furniture is the most precise and the best for providing maximum storage, but free-standing pieces can still work and are a much cheaper option.

Buy a Desk Organiser

Whether your child is tackling maths problems or art projects, they’ll find it much easier to do their homework with all of their stationary neatly sorted and ready to use. Use a clear acrylic organiser so that items can be located at a glance.

Follow these tips, and that wasteland of toys and clothes which currently passes for your child’s bedroom will be transformed in no time!


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