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A Bed Rail Is a Huge Help

An adjustable bed rail is a tremendous aid for someone who needs safe and secure assistance getting out of and back into bed. Being able to have a rail to grab on to and then balance one’s body in order to pull up is a blessing to someone who has to spend a good portion of life lying in bed and also needs some in-bed mobility. A rail also helps to prevent falls when standing up and transferring to and from a bedside commode or wheelchair.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 9.49.03 PM

Freedom Grip Economy Bed Handle

This fits any size of home bed and has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. It is easy to install and requires no tools. The handle has a non-slip grip for additional safety when sitting or rising.

Home Bed Side Helper

Attaching directly to the metal bed frame, this safety rail extends to the floor on four legs for added stability. There are four grasping points for support, and it also has a weight capacity of 250 pounds.

EZ Adjust Bed Rail

Providing an extension to full bedside protection from rolling out of bed, this versatile rail adjusts from 26 inches to 42 inches with the push of a button. Therefore, it can also be used as a half rail when the patient wants to get out of bed. A strap secures the rail between the bed frame and the mattress. It is easy to install the rail with provided tools and hardware. The rail folds and can be placed elsewhere when not being used. An additional “perk” is an organizer pouch for storage of frequently used items. This rail has a larger weight capacity up to 400 pounds.

There are other selections of bed rails depending on the needs and amount of safety required.

Decorating Your Child’s Room: Optimising Storage Space

Overwhelmed by toys, clutter and clothes? Check out our clever ideas to get back in control. Whether you’re shopping for storage units, cutting back on clutter or tearing your hair out at a lack of clever storage solutions, we’ve got all the tips you need.

Look for a Multifunctional Wardrobe

Give your kids a helping hand with getting organised by installing a wardrobe that has a place for everything. Look for a sturdy model that has plenty of drawers and open shelves for basket space as well as lots of hanging space. Add some stencils or stickers to point out what goes where to make sure that your child always puts things back in the right place.

Photo credit: custommade.com

Photo credit: custommade.com

Consider a High Sleeper Bed

If your child’s room is small, and space is limited, don’t cover a huge portion of it with a big, bulky bed. Instead, opt for a high sleeper so that you don’t have to sacrifice any floor space. Pick one with storage areas for clothes, homework and toys below. Check out Bedzrus to find a cheap but good-quality model.

Buy Some Under-Bed Storage Boxes

If you can’t afford to spend money on a new bed, so you’re sticking with what you’ve got, try adding some under-bed storage boxes. Boxes on castors are best as they can be easily trundled under the bed when playtime ends, and the wheels mean that even a child can move them without assistance. Give them a lick of paint so they match your colour scheme, and fix matching pieces to the wall above the bed to optimise storage space.

Create a Play Space Which Can Be Tidied Away

For bedrooms which don’t have enough space for a play table, get your hands on a play space which is mounted on castors. These trundles can be stored under most beds, ready to be rolled out for playtime. Most also feature drawers for storing toys and small pieces.

Furnish a Wall

If there is a spare wall in your child’s bedroom, cover it with a single storage unit which has the capacity to house everything from clothes to toys – that way, everything has a place to be neatly stored away, and you can keep the rest of your child’s room lightly furnished, optimising their play space.

Find Adaptable Pieces

If your child’s room has sloping ceilings, buy storage units that fit the space perfectly. Get your hands on a tape measure and get some exact measurements, checking them against storage unit dimensions before you buy. Fitted furniture is the most precise and the best for providing maximum storage, but free-standing pieces can still work and are a much cheaper option.

Buy a Desk Organiser

Whether your child is tackling maths problems or art projects, they’ll find it much easier to do their homework with all of their stationary neatly sorted and ready to use. Use a clear acrylic organiser so that items can be located at a glance.

Follow these tips, and that wasteland of toys and clothes which currently passes for your child’s bedroom will be transformed in no time!


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Heated Dog Bed for Millie

Ever since I adopted Millie from her previous owners, I never actually changed her doggie bed. It is still the same doggie bed she had while she was with her previous owners. I thought if I threw or change it, she would have a hard time adjusting to us so I decided to keep it.

Her doggie bed is not in good shape anymore and I am thinking of replacing it with a heated dog bed since our aircond unit is cold and the season is changing.

I always catch Millie sleeping under the bed or near the window where it is a bit warm. I have kept small comforter and blanket on her existing bed so that she could snuggle but I think it wasn’t working for her. It’s high time we change her bed.

Loft Beds & Beyond

The choice of a bed and the bedding is a big decision – after all, you spend almost a third of your life sleeping so you really should create an environment that encourages the best rest and relaxation possible. For some folks this means only loft or bunk beds will do while others prefer a king size bed or a canopy bed. Regardless of the style of bed, the mattress is of paramount importance – it must be not too hard, it may not be too soft but it should be just right.



(Image from Bedbathandbeyond.com)

Good sleep depends on the mattress:

  1. One way to make sure your mattress just right is with a modern mattress topper – they came in a variety of styles and can make a soft mattress feel more firm or firm mattress feel softer and more comfortable. A mattress enhancer can help to prolong and extend the life of your mattress while offering you a better night’s sleep.
  2. Another way to ensure a good night’s sleep is by investing in top quality pillows. Down filled pillows may last as long as ten years with proper care while a foam pillow has a life span of one to three years. Take a look at your pillows and inspect them for any pinholes, lumps or other signs of wear – it may be time to replace them.

Some other great pillow options include:

  • down alternative pillows;
  • memory foam pillows.

Top quality bedding is an investment that will pay dividends over time; you may think that luxury style bedding is an indulgence but it is actually worth every penny you spend because good quality bedding lasts far longer than poorly made bedding. Look for high thread count 100% Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases.


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