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Clearing Our Mess

I am very surprised that I managed to clear almost 6 big trash bags filled with our old stuff that we seldom use and have long forgotten. The trash bags were filled with old and worn out toys of our Millie, my daughter’s old school notebooks, my own files and articles that I couldn’t remember printing out, my husband’s magazines which were all decade’s old and worn out shoes/bags and even clothes that couldn’t be donated anymore. I even saw some cheap custom drawstring bags which were marked with some hotels’brand we have stayed at before during our travels. There were even very old bath soaps and gels from the same hotels that I have kept for souvenir or when we have guests.

I guess, we have been hoarding for a long time now and just realized that the stuff we have were just collecting dusts and taking up space at home. I even gave some of my old bags and shoes back home recently when we sent a “balikbayan” box. I just couldn’t believe that even after cleaning before, we still have so much mess. It’s time to downsize and really stick to our goal of saving. I can’t afford to keep buying stuff only to forget about them in the long run.

My Christmas Wish List 2013

We can’t deny it but the holiday season is almost upon us. People are gearing to get their Christmas wishlist done. I have seen my friends prepare their wishlist and I am joining the wagon. I quite have a few that I really love to have this Christmas. I have been skipping the list for sometime now but I suppose it’s not so bad to wish for something you certainly like to have. So, here is my Christmas wishlist for 2013.

e.19020890A Tissot watch I found at www.reeds.com/watch-brands/Tissot-cat115.html

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 10.10.27 PM

A Lumineuse GM Louis Vuitton bag

th (3)

A mini iPad

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 10.17.19 PM

A Legacy Candace Coach bag (Yes, another bag in my wish list. I love bags so much!)


A Kindle Fire e-book reader


A Lucky brand Sanna Bombay suede winter boots


A basketful of Bath and Body Works products

  That’s all I want right now. I hope Santa will give me at least one of the items above. I have been a very good girl this year. 

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