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8 Tips to Improve Your Home Audio System


The day is winding down, and all you want to do is to sink into your sofa and listen to your favorite tunes. However, the smooth sounds you expect to fill the room just do not seem to be coming out of your system the way they have in the past. Here are eight ways to improve your home audio system to get you back on track.

  1. Invest in Headphones

Obtain high-quality headphones that fit your needs. Consider an on-ear option that allows you to hear the music without completely blocking out all other noise, or invest in over-the-ear headphones, which allow you to have a full listening experience without the distraction of exterior sounds. The latter is often the more comfortable of the two and offers a snug fit.

  1. Create a Music Zone

Create a space in your home that is dedicated specifically to listening to music. Set up a seating area that faces your stereo system to receive the full effect of the speakers. If you are limited on space, a compact component may be the way to go, but if you have the room, go big and traditional for the ultimate sound.

  1. Speakers 

Your current speakers may have been the ones with you when you first fell in love with your favorite album, but take a step back and reevaluate whether they are still producing the same quality of sound that they did at the beginning of your love affair. With time, a speaker’s quality can degrade, creating subtle changes in sound production. Invest in speakers that fit not only your personal style, but the room in which they will be placed. Since not all speakers can produce the necessary low frequency sounds, consider investing in a powered subwoofer.

  1. Improve Acoustics

Once you have obtained your ideal speakers, it is imperative that you set up your room design in such a way that the speakers can perform in the best manner possible. A few simple tweaks such as moving furniture away from the wall, installing curtains over large windows, or adding a rug to a hardwood floor can make a dramatic improvement in a room’s acoustic quality.

  1. Check Converter

The degradation of your sound quality may be something as simple as having an inadequate converter transferring your digital media to analog. Research digital to analog converters, or DACs, that may be a better fit for your sound system.

  1. Educate Yourself

With all the online reviews and self-proclaimed gurus on the subject, it is best to educate yourself on how to create the ultimate sound as well as troubleshoot issues. Read up on product options as well as professional reviews. Find out what experts in the field suggest and take your neighbor’s brother-in-law’s advice with a grain of salt.

  1. Opt for Quality Recordings

Frankly, bad music seldom produces anything but a bad sound. It does not matter how much effort you place into boosting your audio system if your picks are not up to par. Be choosy in the recordings you seek and invest in quality artists and albums.

  1. Upgrade

Sometimes, no matter how much you troubleshoot, the fact remains that your system is obsolete. Take an objective look at your audio system to decide whether it is still working for you. If not, it may be time for a complete overhaul. Reevaluate your needs and upgrade accordingly.

Music is meant to offer an escape, and when the sound does not match the quality of the recording being played, it is time to switch things up. Make these changes to get your home audio system back to the level you deserve.


Fiddling With Video and Audio Mixes

My husband loves to take videos of our travels and adventures. He does the editing and mixing of the whole video and audio project. I sometimes see him borrow his brother’s Mac to work on the his projects and I feel so bad as he struggles with it. He is more of normal PC user than a Mac so it takes him a lot of time to finish 1 project.

He found the great presonus studioone artist at Musicians Friend a big help playing around with music mixes he can add in the video projects but the set up of Mac versus the normal PC confuses him a lot. I suggest he try dowloading the presonus studioone artist to his normal PC so he doesn’t have to struggle using the Mac. I feel it will be better for him to work on it in a platform he knows best.

Recording Concerts With A Q3HD Recorder

I’ve always enjoyed watching concerts. However, during my time, there were no smart phones nor small video recorder to capture the rocking moments. Technology has changed all that so going to concerts now are more fun because you can actually record them with your phone, small cam or even a small handheld recorder like a handheld affordable zoom q3hd.

Anyone who would go to a concert would surely love to record it and such just for keeps. And everyone will agree with me in saying that it is more fun that way!

The good thing about these small gadget like the q3hd is that, unlike smart phones and small cameras, it can capture crisp audio and video at the same time. For smartphones and small cams, this will not be as good as the q3hd because concerts have these absurdly giant sound system that could blow your ears off and I don’t think mobile phones or camcorders can handle that noise without sounding like a can inside a washing machine. So this is where this neat little gadget comes in handy.

Great Surround

We bought a big LCD TV recently and we are satisfied. There is a significant improvement on the visual and audio aspect from the old flat TVs as opposed to the sleek LCDs and plasmas.

Now that the picture definition is superb, my husband is considering to upgrade our 5.1 home theater system. I told him to wait for the sale again in few weeks and we may find a great deal from trusted brands. Although I am already satisfied with the overall performance of the new TV, my hubby still wants to experience the surround system in full throttle!

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