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3 Types of Aroma Oils

The use of aroma oils dates as far back to the ancient Egyptian days. Used as mood enhancers, to give a room or home a certain scent, or for health purposes, the popularity of these oils has withstood the test of time. Available in bottles, as roll-ons and sprays, the following are three of the most popular aroma oil types.
Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils are also known as perfume oils. Convenient in size, their packaging usually consists of a small glass bottle with a roll-on or spray top attached for easy application. Perfume oils are highly concentrated so their scent tends to be stronger and last longer than their perfume cousins. Manufactured without alcohol, their scent is also more constant. Perfume oils, like Patchouli Perfume Oil, are available in a variety of scents and usually prepared on-site. Thanks to their fabrication process, they tend to be less expensive than perfumes and fresher in essence.
Essential Oils

Essential oils are probably the widest used aroma oils. They can be inhaled, added to a bath and in compressions. Available in every scent imaginable, they’re a wonderful addition to a therapeutic massage, skin care routine and sauna. Since essential oils are extracted from plants, each drop is a potent dose of potential medicine that can support healthy cell function, circulation and hormonal balance. Although results vary per person, most essential oil users report lifted moods and an improved sense of well-being simply by inhaling their powerful smells that include peppermint, chamomile and eucalyptus among others.
Burning Oils

Burning oils are meant to be used in a room that you would like to fill with a specific scent. Coupled with a diffuser of your choice, this oil lets out an aroma for up to four hours. Keep in mind, this method is not meant to benefit you therapeutically. In a diffuser, while the oil burns, it’s often not recommended to add water because water and oil don’t mix. You can, however, mix drops of different oils together to concoct your own personal scent. When burning oils, remember to exercise sound fire prevention facilities by burning in a spot away from flammable items, like curtains, and having a fire extinguisher on-hand.


These three aroma oils all have a specific function. They are wonderful for personal use and great for lifting your mood, scenting a room and improving your overall wellness.


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