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5 Things Your Kitchen Needs

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Renters everywhere know that a good kitchen is hard to find… and extremely valuable when you finally do. To really have a kitchen that works, you either need to build it to spec or use what you have cleverly. It’s also about what you bring to the space. Regardless of whether you’re renting or building, here are five things every good kitchen should have.

1. Hardware

Having the right tools for the job is essential. Manufacturer websites, like the one run by Asko, are an excellent resource when researching kitchen appliances because they cover just about everything – ovens, kitchen cooktops, fridges, and dishwashers… the lot. Knowing things like size, shape, price ranges, and even build quality in advance will allow you to get the most optimal equipment for your money.

2. Utensils

Having a wide range of quality cooking utensils is a must for any quality kitchen. Utensils can be anything from oven mitts to a quality set of kitchen knives to meat thermometers. These will facilitate the creation of any number of recipes and solve any prep problems as they crop up. Again, these tools come in all kinds of price ranges and levels of build quality, so you should absolutely spend some time researching online before making a purchase.

3. Space

One area that many people seem to forget when building a kitchen is simply having enough space to move about in. This is so important, especially if you’re building an investment property to be rented out. A kitchen should be big enough to accommodate two or three people at a time for preparation of larger meals, or just to allow people to pass through the room during prep times without causing a pileup. Again, this is a frequent concern for the long-time renter.

4. Airflow

A well-ventilated kitchen should be considered mission-critical. A properly installed rangehood above the cooktop to hoover up any smoke or steam and large windows nearby in case the rangehood isn’t able to catch it all are a must. You don’t want the house filling with smoke and accidentally setting off the smoke alarms when all you were trying to do was fry some bacon on a Sunday morning!

5. Waste Disposal

Proper waste disposal is another must-have for the kitchen, whether it’s in the form of an actual in-sink waste disposal system or just a nice, large bin nearby for tipping scraps, offcuts or vegetable peelings into. This helps you to perform that simplest of kitchen rituals: the ‘clean-as-you-go’ strategy. Cleaning up after yourself as you cook means much less washing up after the meal when you’ve got a full belly and would really rather watch some TV or go straight to sleep.

These are just a few of the things that could be considered for every kitchen, but everyone’s tastes are different. Everyone uses their kitchen for different things and that means what one person considers essential, another may not. What are your must-have items for the kitchen? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Top TVs for 2015

Photo not mine

Photo not mine


What home is complete without a great big TV set sitting in the living room?

Televisions have come an incredibly long way in recent years, with 3D images, HD quality and giant screens among the most exciting innovations.

If you are thinking off getting 2015 off to an unforgettable start by buying a brilliant new TV then the following are models well worth taking a close look at.

The Panasonic ¡5 Inch OLED TV

One of the stand out televisions no show at this year´s CES event in Las Vegas was the stunning 65 inch OLED model put on display by Panasonic. OLED stands for Organic LED and it is viewed by many as offering the best possibly displays in years to come. It gives a strong black and a greatly reduced level of blurring that makes it seem ideal for sports fans. Production issues and high pricing has stopped this type of set taking off in recent years but Panasonic has finally brought out an ultra sharp OLED model that could be just what is need to get this technology into more homes.

The Samsung S UHD TV

Another big hit at the CES show was this beauty from Samsung. It is expected to be the first television to hit the shops with High Dynamic Range and Quantum Dot colour reproduction. This gives the screen an amazing range of colours and unbelievable shadow details. There are so many amazing new type of TV technology hitting the shelves soon that it is hard to know which ones will be the long term winners. However, it would be foolish to write off this Samsung contender just yet. It is expected to come in 65, 78 and 88 inch models.

The LG Curved or Flat Screen TV

The big debate over whether it is best to have a flat screen or a curved screen continues to rage. The smart people at LG decided to hedge their bets by making a television set that can be switched by remote control from flat to curved. The jury is still out on which style if best and more immersive. A changeable TV could be a good bet for anyone who isn´t sure which they like and would prefer to have the best of both worlds.

The Apple TV?

Could 2015 be the year in which the world finally sees an Apple TV that takes over the world? We wouldn´t bet against it but we aren´t sure we would bet for it either. At the moment, Apple TV is limited to a small desktop box that can be used to enhance your viewing pleasure. However, we have heard rumours for years that the firm will bring out an actual TV set. Currently, some people think that this will happen in 2015 and others lean more towards 2016. If it does hit the shops in 2015 then it will probably be towards the end of the year and could have a massive impact on the home viewing market.
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When To Change Your Cooking Range

It is a must to regularly check your appliances no matter their size and function at home. One of the most important appliances at home to be checked constantly is the cooking range. Some cooking ranges are powered by gas and electricity and some are solely by gas. And this kind of appliance is one of the primary reasons why there are fires and accidents happening at home.

All our appliances have their expected lifetime. Cooking ranges’ life expectancy depending on the usage and care given, will last for more than 10-15 years. And it does not have to be the high end ones. It all boils down to how you regularly check and clean your cooking range. Ours lasted for 9 years. It was still working just fine but one by one, the burner is getting rusty until only 2 burners are working to this date. So, what prompted me to change our cooking range and if you find similarities in your current cooking change, you may want to consider replacing it now.

Wear and tear condition

Our cooking range is white so over the years, it became dirty white and has scrapes here and there when I clean the range. The paint was peeling from the sides, the front panel could not be read properly and no matter how much I clean and de-grease it, it just would not look close to being new.


The burners are conking out

We had a four-burner cooking range. Over the years, the burner just conked out one by one until only 2 decent burners are working. My husband cleaned the burner top and still no luck.  It was difficult to cook especially when there are occasions. I always end up ordering cooked meals because cooking simultaneously posed a great challenge.


We smell the gas sometimes

It is a primary cause for concern. I don’t like the idea of not seeing something so dangerous to be blowing up on my face when I suddenly light the burner. There was a time when all the burners were off but we could smell a faint scent of the gas. It was because the knob of the oven was slightly placed on a certain angle. That meant, the oven was ready to be lit as gas was already flowing.


It was difficult to light the burner

OUr old cooking range is not the auto-ignite type. It would take me several tries to light a certain burner repeatedly after wasting gas and our cooking range lighter’s fuel.


If you start seeing signs similar to the ones I have shared then do not even think twice. Just replace your cookig range. It does not have to be the fanciest range in the planet but choose s cooking range that is fuel-efficient and safe.

Why you need to buy quality items including Bosch appliances

Each day we rely heavily on household appliances to make our lives easier. They cook and store our food, clean our clothes and so on. You will need these appliances to  perform each day, which is why it is important that you invest in quality from a recognised and trusted manufacturer.

(Photo credit: http://www.discount-appliances.co.uk/)

(Photo credit: http://www.discount-appliances.co.uk/)


(Photo credit: http://www.discount-appliances.co.uk/)

(Photo credit: http://www.discount-appliances.co.uk/)

Any time that you visit somebody’s home you can be sure that they will have a range of household appliances running in an almost constant cycle. We rely very heavily on these appliances because without many of them it would make day to day life very difficult. From the moment we wake up all the way through to when we go to bed we use these items – a lot of the time we do not even consider how we rely on them and how much easier they make our lives. Appliances that we all use on a regular basis help cook and store food, clean the house and so on.

Because we rely on these appliances performing every single day, you need to ensure that you invest in quality. A poorly manufactured device will deteriorate in quality over time and not produce the results that are needed, and you will then either have to replace the appliances or pay to have it serviced. Instead, it is wise to invest in a quality machine from an established and trusted manufacturer. This way you know that each day you can rely on the appliance to perform, and it will last you for many years to come as well without breaking down and having to be repaired.

These household appliances include fridges and freezers so that we can store food and keep it fresh as well as appliances to handle the cooking, like hobs, microwaves and ovens. Then we’ve got washing machines, cooker hoods, wine coolers, vacuum cleaners, irons and plenty more helpful appliances that we use each day. You will get a lot of usage out of all of these, so you should do some research to find the right appliance which won’t let you down.

Whether you have just moved home and you need an entire new range or if you need to replace one appliance you can’t go wrong with established brands, like Bosch appliances. Bosch and other brands similar to it have all the household appliances that you need to make your daily life much easier. In addition, these established manufacturers are constantly looking for ways in which they can better their products. This makes it worth doing some research before you invest in an appliance, as there may be a better one in the market with added features or better specifications.

Generally, investing in a product from a recognised and established brand will ensure that the appliance will perform each day. It is an important decision to make seeing as many of these appliances are heavily used each day. You will want one that will last for years to come without deteriorating in quality over time in order to make your life much easier and also ensure your home is fully functional. Why not browse through the ranges of appliances online, or visit them in stores to see what they’d be like to use before making your decision?

Air Conditioning Repairs and Maintenance Advice

How to Choose the Right Air Conditioning Unit

To make sure you’re getting the most out of your air conditioning unit, it’s vital that you get the right type of air conditioner to suit the space in your home or office.

The most inexpensive air conditioning system is the wall mounted air conditioning unit. These are the most popular type of air conditioning system as it can easily be mounted on most walls. Wall mounted air conditioning offers a compact climate control system and can be mounted high on the wall, which is what makes it so effective.

Photo not mine

Photo not mine

Cassette air conditioning units are ideal for large open spaces. The great thing about these units are that they are small and discreet. Due to their size, they can be installed into awkward spaces so this type of air conditioning is perfect if you don’t have the ceiling space for a wall-mounted system.

For a compact but very effective air conditioning unit, the floor standing air conditioner is a good alternative to mounted air conditioning systems. These systems allow you better control of the temperature in different parts of the room, for example, you can direct a flow of air to a particular area, which is perfect if you have some people who enjoy cooler air and others who don’t like to be blasted with cold air.

A ducted air conditioning unit is the most expensive to have installed due to the intricacies of installing this type of system. Ducted air conditioning systems fit discreetly into the ceiling and can cool or heat multiple areas at the same time, or can be programmed to focus on specific areas of the home or office. These air conditioners are also the quietest type, since the compressor is outside rather than inside the building.

Some air conditioning units can actually save you money. Using a modern, energy efficient air conditioning system to cool and heat your home rather than traditional heating systems can be a cost-effective way of regulating the temperature in your home. In fact, with inverter air conditioning systems you could be saving up to 40% than traditional gas central heating costs.

Air Conditioning Repairs and Maintenance

Whichever air conditioner you choose, ensure that you make the most of air conditioning system by making sure that your air con unit is functioning efficiently.

Breeze Installations provides full maintenance and air conditioning repair services to ensure that your system at home or at work is running effectively.

Regular maintenance and cleaning will keep your air conditioning system working at its best and can help you save energy. If your air con is left to deteriorate and not serviced regularly, you may end up spending more on your energy bills rather than enjoying the savings that it can offer.

The experts at Breeze can advise you on the best system for your property and will help you pick an air conditioner that’s right for the type of temperature control you need indoors.

If you’re thinking of having new air conditioning installed, want a replacement air conditioning system or air conditioning repairs, contact the team at Breeze Installations.


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