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Glam Rockstar Theme For My Daughter’s 16th Birthday Party

Few more months and my daughter will turn sweet 16. I am already in the process of organizing her party. I have chosen the theme with her approval of course and bought some giveaways already for her close friends who will celebrate her momentous moment.

We’ve narrowed down our theme from several choices like Hollywood stars, 1920’s-30’s era, Fashion, Japanese Anime or Rockstar. We ended up merging the rockstar and japanese theme together so this will be one unique set up.

As I have mentioned earlier, I have bought some souvenirs already. I am contemplating of getting a gypsy jazz guitar as part of the props for her photo booth session but will check if I can find one to borrow. Her giveaways are still a top secret. Here’s a hint though, it has something to do with the theme of course!

I am so excited now. It won’t be a big bash but certainly fun because only her close friends will be in attendance. I do hope they come so my daughter will enjoy her day with us and her friends.

My Daughter As Yuuki Cross For Halloween

I’m such a fanatic for anything Halloween, well, almost but not much on the scary movies related to Halloween. I love this special season because you can dress up to whoever you like. I’m not dressing myself up but my daughter is for her school’s Halloween special tomorrow, 29 Oct.

She’s a cosplayer wearing a Yuuki Cross Vampire Knight Day Class Girl. I got her costume in Myesoul.com last week of September and got it just in the nick of time for her Halloween party.

I paid around $77 for the whole ensemble including the shipping cost. It was actually free shipping but I wanted to make sure that we receive it on time so I paid for the express delivery charge of another $20+. And I’m glad I did because I got the parcel yesterday only and tomorrow’s the main event.

The costume is a set consisting of studded blazer, white blouse, arm band with a logo, a red ribbon and a short pleated black skirt. She’ll pair it with her school shoes and black leggings for that ultimate flair!

Below is a snapshot of my daughter in the cosplay ensemble. The other photo is from Myesoul.com and the other one is from yahoo images, the character is from the anime world.

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New Plushies

Boredom strikes and here are the outcome of that :) If you are an anime lover like me then you would recognize the cute and fat grey rabbit (I think so) in the middle of the picture. That is Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro from Studio Ghibli production. I find that creature so cute so I decided to replicate it through felt art. The other stuff I stitched are the following: ice cube, milk carton, colorful star with sparkly flat-back gems, heart with LOVE stitched on the front and sunglasses. I’m thinking of creating cube chibis next. I’m just figuring out what characters to sew in cube form. So, let’s see if I find time next weekend to create more felt projects.

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