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Pet Friendly Lodging and Accommodation

Dogs should not be left home alone when their owners go away for a short trip that may last several days. There are special facilities that are dedicated towards providing accommodations for dogs of all sizes, ages, characters and breeds. Pet hotels essentially provide a five start treatment with an array of amenities and esential services. For instance, dogs that stay in pet inns are fed multiple times a day with the highest quality dry and wet food. Additionally, treats are given throughout the day. Of course, a bowl of fresh filtered water is always available for dogs to drink in a pet inn.

Lodging for dogs also includes some play time and outside walks. An experienced and friendly staff is in charge of taking out each dog for multiple walks per day. Additionally, special beds and dens are provided for dogs to sleep in. Each canine guest is given its own space that may vary in size. For example, large dogs may be assigned to dens that measure more than 6 x 6 x 6 feet in dimensions. Small dogs may be placed in kennels that are spacious enough for moving around inside.

Young puppies are also more than welcome to stay at dog inns. In fact, dog training is also offered at pet friendly hotels. The staff can teach puppies obedience and other tricks that owners can appreciate. Security deposits are usually required on all dogs that are left overnight at canine friendly inns full of convenient amenities.

Cute Pet Beds

Our pets are not just pets. We treat as family so it does not come as a surprise when we lavish our pets with nice little things like clothing, shoes, personalized collar with charms and beds.

Just because they are pets, does not mean their beds have to be a drab. I scoured the internet and found these cute pet beds for our four-legged member of the family. Aren’t they cute?

(Photos are courtesy of yahoo.com image search and credit goes to the owners of the photos.)

LazeeBonz/Etsy photo suitcase-and-then-some-jpg_0153191.jpg

Atomic Attic/Etsy TV photo teevee-jpg_015319.jpg

Atomic Attic/Etsy red photo red-imac-jpg_015318.jpg

Spaghetteria/Etsy photo bucket-bed-jpg_015305.jpg

Petsy Decor/Etsy photo chaise-jpg_015306.jpg

Charlie Hearts Diesel/Etsy photo vintage-crate-jpg_015320.jpg

Dog’s Love

Photo credit: aplacetolovedogs.com

Dogs are my favorite pets. They just light up a room when they come. They are cute and cuddly and full of innocence. And they have a love that’s pure. Who wouldn’t love a dog?

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