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Insuring Your Equine Investment and Companion

Many horse owners consider their horses to be friends first and investments second. Nonetheless, a horse is a major investment that calls for you to protect it accordingly. Along with making sure your horse has safe and comfortable shelter, plenty of nutritious food, and high-quality vet care, you also can protect your equine investment by taking out an insurance policy on it. You can find out against what this policy can protect you and your horse by going online today.

Incidences Covered by Horse Insurance and Other Protective Policies

Horses are hearty creatures that can live for many years. However, even the best tended horses can succumb to injuries and illness.

When you lose a horse, you may also lose a source of income that you and your family count on throughout the year. You may use your horses for farming and ranching operations. You also may show your horses and utilize the prize winnings as a source of family income.

Regardless of what purpose you use your horse for, you may want to back it up with an insurance policy. The policy would pay out if your horse dies and you lose the income derived from it.

Along with succumbing to illness and injury, you may lose your horse in a freak accident. The policy can pay out if your horse is killed in an aircraft-related accident. It also will pay if your horse is destroyed from falling debris or in a natural disaster like a fire, flood, tornado, or earthquake.

Depending on the policy you choose, you also may be allowed to add some incidentals that may be covered by the insurance. For example, you may be covered if you add incidences like accidental shootings, animal attacks, drownings, and other disasters.

Theft Protection

Thieves know that horses are valuable animals. It is not uncommon for owners to have at least one or more horses stolen from them.

When you have a horse stolen, you likewise suffer a financial loss from which can be difficult to recover. You can recoup some or all of your losses with a high-quality equine theft insurance policy.

Horses can generate income for you and your family. You can protect against losses and also provide a backing for your investment and animal companion by purchasing a policy for your horse today. The policy can cover you if you lose your horse under normal and extraordinary circumstances.

Happy National Dog Day Millie!

August 31 is designated as the National Dog Day. This year, it is being celebrated a week earlier.

The National Dog Day was created to support adoption of  rescue dogs, including dogs in local shelter. Their motto is to save 10,000 dogs from east to west coast in the US, one day at a time. I wish I knew this even before my beloved fur baby passed away this year. I would have celebrated this National Dog Day with my Millie by taking a day-off and just spending time with her in a more special way.

Well, every day can be a National Dog Day for pet owners because of the love they give to their loyal fur babies. So, my Millie may not be around to celebrate this wonderful day to recognise all dogs in the planet, I know she’s more happy where she is now, running free without any pain.

Happy National Dog Day to all doggies out there! I pray that all pets are loved and taken cared of because they deserve nothing but the best!




Considerations for Buying a Horse

Horses are among the most beautiful animals in the world. Many people dream of owning their own horse. However, this rarely becomes a reality because of the many things that are required in order to take care of a horse correctly. If you are seriously considering horse ownership, there are quite a few things you need to keep in mind. Taking care of a horse is much more involved than taking care of a dog or cat. Buying a horse is not something you should rush into. Here are several of the most significant considerations for buying a horse.

1. Can you afford to own a horse?

The main reason why more people do not own horses is because it costs a significant amount of money. The amount of food that horses consume on a daily basis would be surprising to most people. This food will put a large dent in your bank account. Then you will also need to pay people to tend to the horse if you are not going to do it yourself. There can be no question that owning a horse is a major financial commitment.

2. Do you have adequate space?

Horses need large amounts of land to run around and get their exercise. Therefore, having a large meadow and plenty of wide open spaces is a must for horse ownership. You must be out in the country. It would be preferable if the horse is raised on a ranch or farm. Equine massage therapy can be very beneficial to the overall health of your horse. For more information about this particular service, you can take a look at http://piaffe-performance.com/our-services/.

3. Do you want a horse that has already been trained?

Horses that have already been trained will cost you significantly more than their untrained counterparts. This is because a great deal of time and money has already been invested into training the animal. Because of this, many people opt to buy a horse that is untrained. Are you are buying a horse with the intent of riding it immediately? If so, buying a trained animal is essential. Attempting to ride a horse that has not been professionally trained would be incredibly dangerous. Keep in mind that you will need to pay for a trainer if your horse has not already been trained. This is another expense that you must account for in your budget.

Natural Dog Treats To Prepare At Home


Preparing your dog treats at home is a good option to save money, provide healthier food and pick on fresh ingredients that are good for your precious fur baby.

Commercially made treats can be harmful too and there have been many instances where some of these products have been recalled due to harmful ingredients used. Home-cooked treats are more natural and organic in a way because you can control what kind of ingredients to use.

Before embarking on the preparing natural treats for your dog, please ensure that you are familiar with the many other ingredients that a dog cannot ingest. Here are few examples of food to avoid when preparing your dog’s natural treats:

Onions – can be poisonous to a dog affecting its blood and causing anaemia

Grapes/Raisins – can cause kidney failure

Chocolate – contains methylxanthines which is a toxin for dogs

Xylitol – found in sweeteners used for candies and gums, it can cause liver failure

Macadamia nuts – can cause muscle weakness and paralysis

Canned goods (human consumption) – due to high levels of salt (and sugar for some canned goods)

There are more but be careful with your food preparation.


Below are lists of resources where you can find recipes for your fur babies’ treats that you can make at home to ensure the highest level of quality and freshness your dogs deserve.



http://www.cesarsway.com/ – This is Cesar Milan’s site (the dog whisperer) and you can also find many tips on how to care, train your dogs

http://www.organic-pet-digest.com/homemade-dog-food-recipes.html – contains list of other sites that offer natural dog treat recipes



Have fun with the doggie treat preparation and couple that with lots of love and affection!


Tips To Keep Your Pets Active During Winter

The harsh winter season can be a drag for both humans and animals.  It is difficult to go about our daily routine without exerting too much effort and not to mention being covered from head to toe with layers upon layers of warm clothing. Aside from those inconveniences, our activities are limited and as much as possible, staying indoors will be our wish. If we can only watch winter to go from the comfort of our homes…

With that being said, imagine the state of our furry babies during winter. Their run around the park and regular walks are down to a minimum for fear of getting too cold and sick being outdoors.  Not only that, there may be salt or some chemicals on the pavement to prevent slipping from snow and those can be harmful to your pets. So, what can you do to help keep your pets active during the winter time? Here are some tips you can follow to ensure your pets are well exercised even during the harsh winter time.

Play fetch indoor

Playing fetch does not have to be done outdoors. There are areas at home where you can do a simple throwing of your pet’s favorite toy to be retrieved. Likewise, if you have small balls you can roll rather than throwing to avoid any accidents, then do so. Just make sure when you play fetch, you have cleared the surrounding areas of any breakables like those precious figurines or even those nice, antique chinas!

Make a pretend “walk” inside your house

Grab your pet’s leash and walk him/her inside your home. Cover every room in your house so you can maximise the walking activity. I know, it can be boring for both of you but it is a good way to keep your pets active even while at home during winter and you are also doing yourself a favour by having a mini work-out at home.

Practice or teach your pet a new trick

Cold season can make us all lazy but don’t be. Use your spare time to bond with your precious fur baby and teach her/him a new trick or practice on the ones that you’ve taught earlier. This is a good way to make both of you active.

Put his/her treat in a feeding toy

Make his/her mealtime stimulating by making your pet work for it. Studies show that pets enjoy their food more when they have to work for it.

Use a laser pointer

This is not meant for cats or for use when doing a presentation. Dogs can go crazy with the laser pointer too. Just point it on the floor and allow your pet to run after the “red dot.” It will be fun and your pet will be active running around. Please do not point the laser pointer to your pet’s eyes.



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