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Amplify Your Acoustics

For every guitarists and guitar-loving people, a good acoustic is best accompanied with a nice amplifier. Why is that? As Wikipedia puts it:

Amplifier is an electronic amplifier that amplifies the electrical signal from a pickup on an electric guitar, bass guitar, or acoustic guitar so that it can produce sound through a loudspeaker, which is typically housed in a wooden cabinet. (Source: Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guitar_amplifier)

In layman’s term, it is a machine or a musical accessory that boosts the sound coming from a plugged guitar onto the boxed amplifier like a loud speaker, producing a more pronounced sound.

An example of an amplifier is a fender frontman 15g which is perfect accompaniment to any Fender guitars.



Guitar Player

I wish I had the talent to play the guitar. I learned how to play the piano but never the guitar. I tried but my grip isn’t good enough. Now that my daughter is learning to play the guitar, I have hopes for her. I hope she continues to improve her guitar playing skills and not leave the musical instrument in the corner gathering dust. I thought of even surprising her with a fancy orange tiny terror amplifier if she ever decides to go all the way with her guitar playing. Playing the guitar is a fun thing to learn. I just didn’t have the passion to do it then. I am hoping my daughter will be more passionate than I when it comes to taking music seriously. Who knows, she might get discovered one day and start her career playing the guitar.

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