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Securing Your Doggie Door

Plenty of homeowners have pets and I am one of them. A lot of these owners have a patio dog door or doggie door installed at home so that their furry pets can easily go out and come back in if they want to do their business in the lawn or simply to run around.

Doggie doors are staple in most homes with big yards to accommodated dogs. However, having a door can become a problem if you do not secure it properly to avoid intruders accessing your home through your doggie door.

(Photo credit: yahoo images)

(Photo credit: yahoo images)

Put a lock on your doggie door so that if you have to go on vacation or during the night, you can always be sure that your home is well secured.

Install a motion detector alarm in your premise that will send off signal when an intruder tries to access the doggie door who is more than 40 lbs. There are motion detectors that can be set to categorize pets and humans so it will set off differently.

Reinforce your pet door’s frame with metals that cannot be easily sawed. If your current doggie door is framed in wood and can easily be removed and sawed then time to change it.

Avoid plastic-flap doggie doors. These doors are hard to secure.

Consider the placement of your doggie door. Do not install it near the door lock.

Consider the size of the pet door when you are installing one. Make sure the doggie door is just enough for the size of your dog. Bigger than your pet’s size will just invite trouble.

Use a doggie door with a sensor that will open or close when your pet is accessing it through the beams passed from its collar.


These are just some tips to help you secure your doggie door. There are many other options to consider but take extra measures to ensure that your doggie door is well secured and guarded.

The Peace of Mind of Home Security



The world in which we live today is a much scarier place than it was before. The boldness of criminals far surpasses what it did only ten years ago. Perhaps it is for that reason so many have chosen to hire a company that does home security in Denver to come and install a security system in their home. Home security sales are on the rise. It has become so popular that there are companies hiring people for summer jobs to go and sell outside of their home state. The largest reason people buy a security system is for the peace of mind it brings.

Feeling Safe in Your Own Home

Your own home is the place where you should feel the safest. A home should be a place where you can go and feel safe and secure and protected from the evil of the world. However, that is definitely not the case in some places. Having a security system brings back some of the lost security that homeowners have felt. It enables the home to become that place where the feeling of safety can once again pervade.

How a Security System Works

A security system works on several premises. First, an expert places sensors, to make sure that every potential entry into the home is covered. A contact sensor will be placed on each door. This kind of sensor sets off an alarm after a given length of time once the sensor contact is broken.  This enables a homeowner to reach a keypad to deactivate the alarm. Contact sensors can also be placed on windows, though that is less common. Motion sensors are generally used to cover window areas, which will trigger immediately if motion is detected while the alarm is active. Second, once the sensors are placed and active, if they set off an alarm, that signal goes to a monitoring station that can send the police out to check things out. These things will help secure a home and ensure that feeling of peace in the home. Home security in Denver, like anywhere else, is something homeowners are seeking out with more frequency.


(Photo credit: yahoo image)

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