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Fun Facts About Air Conditioning

While air conditioning is considered a saving grace in most parts of the world, most people don’t know the history of how it came about. In that spirit, here are some fun facts and interesting tidbits about that most cool of modern luxuries, the air conditioner.

The first public places to offer air conditioning were movie theaters. During the blazing hot summer months, the theaters would crank up the cool air in the hopes that people would flock to them and see the latest movies. This is where the tradition of “summer blockbuster: films comes from.

Without the invention of air conditioning, there would be certain medications unavailable today. Such medicines as antibiotics were generally only able to be studied under the cool temperature that air conditioning brought.

The amount of energy that Americans spend on air conditioning is enormous. In fact, the amount of energy that America uses to power every single air conditioner is equivalent to what Africa uses to power the entire country.

In the time before air conditioners were invented, people kept cool with giant blocks of ice. When air conditioners were invented, their output was measured by how many blocks of ice the machine’s cooling power was equivalent to.

The air conditioner was invented by a book publisher. Mr. Willis Carrier created the first one back in 1902 as a way to prevent his book paper from expanding and the ink from running.

It is a proven scientific fact that modern air conditioning has actually lowered the human body’s natural resistance to hot weather. This is why people should always maintain proper air conditioning service the woodlands tx.

The very first auto company to make air conditioning standard in their vehicles was the Packard company. Sales skyrocketed until the other companies took notice and joined in offering this particular amenity.

A primitive version of the air conditioner was invented in 180 AD. It was a 10-foot wide hand-cranked rotary fan that was actually capable of cooling an entire auditorium full of people. It could also be moved by pushing it along on its 7 wheels.


Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

Spring is the perfect time to spruce up your home. There are several things around the house that need routine maintenance or an annual cleaning. The best part of doing these chores at this time of year is that you will have all of your summer to sit back and relax. The following are a few of the top things that need some attention.


Cleaning and providing routine maintenance on your home appliances will keep them running efficiently and may even extend their life. Some of these you can do yourself. For example, you can empty the refrigerator and wash it thoroughly inside and out. Use a vacuum to remove dust from the coils. Other systems like your heating and air conditioning will require professional care. The HVAC companies Williamsburg VA has, such as Art Newsome, Inc., can provide routine maintenance and annual inspections.


Annually cleaning the floors in your home will allow them to look their very best, reduce allergens, and extend the floor’s life. Tile, hard wood, and laminate floors can be done by you. Sweep up all dust, dirt, and debris. Follow up with a thorough mopping. You could even use this time to wash all of the base boards as well. Leave the carpets to the professionals. They know how to remove stubborn stains and they have the proper equipment needed to steam clean any type of carpeting you may have.


You may not think that furniture would need annual care, but to keep it looking wonderful, you do need to provide a little tender loving care. Vacuum all upholstered pieces. Remove cushions and vacuum under them too. Spot wash any areas that feel sticky or have obvious stains. Wood pieces can be wiped with a micro fiber cloth to remove dust. Specially designed polishes can be used to restore the natural shine, and products like Old English can be used to hide scratches.

Now that you have gone through your home and checked these tasks off of your to-do list, you can spend your summer enjoying yourself. Not only is it peace of mind to have these jobs behind you, but you will be ensuring that everything is running properly and looking its best.

Reasons Why You Need To Change Your Air Conditioner Unit To Save On Cost

In Virginia, summer comes on fast. It seems like there is hardly a spring anymore. Over the winter, you probably ran your heater all the time without turning on your air conditioner once. Of course, this makes sense given the climate, but the next thing you know you are turning on your AC for the first time in the summer and it doesn’t work. This is obviously something you want to avoid at all costs.

Air conditioners usually last around 10-20 years if they are good quality and are maintained properly throughout their lifespan. Things might come up from time to time, but that is a pretty good estimate of what you will get with a new air conditioner. You don’t want to be stuck without an air conditioner for a few days in the hot summer because you waited too long to get yours replaced. Here are some signs that your air conditioner may be starting to go.

1. It’s old – As stated earlier, the average air conditioner lasts around 20 years. If you have lived in your home for a long time and haven’t checked on your air conditioner, it may be time to have it looked at. One sign that its age is taking effect is that it is taken a little longer to cool your home than before.

2. Repairs are more frequent – If it seems like you are having to have your AC unit worked on more and more each year, it might be time to replace it. After a while, it becomes more effective financially to just replace it rather than pouring money into its repairs. This is especially true if the repairs are expensive and cost a good portion of what a replacement would cost.

3. You want to go energy efficient – If you have you have an older air conditioner, it is probably not Energy Star rated. Consider replacing an old model with a newer more efficient model. This could provide you with a lot of value because the money you save on your monthly energy bill could outweigh the cost of the new unit completely.

These are not the only reasons to replace your air conditioner unit. Contact us if you need air conditioning installation Williamsburg VA has to offer. We have been providing residents in the area with quality HVAC repairs and installation services for years and can fix any problem you may be experiencing.

Four Ways to Reduce Your Air Conditioning Usage in the Summer Time

If you’re like most people with an air conditioning unit, you have undoubtedly seen your electric bill soar as soon as the temperatures rise in the summer time. However, there are many things that you can do to reduce your use of the AC. The following are four of them.

Buy one or more good fans
You don’t have to replace your AC with electric fans, but if you can set the thermostat higher by a few degrees, and then use a fan where you are sitting in your home, you will likely use a lot less electricity. Fans consume much less electricity than your AC system, so they can reduce your electric bill.

Use your windows
This is especially a good idea in the evening, after the sun goes down. If the temperatures are cool enough, open a couple of windows and get a good cross breeze in your home. If the temperatures are not too hot, you may be able to get by with only a few open windows and a couple of fans. You will need to make sure you have screens on your windows and doors if you try this. You can have custom screens made for all of your doors and windows. There are even screen doors for french doors available.

Have your AC system serviced
It is important that your AC be working at its best. If not, it may take more electricity to keep your home cool. One common problem is a lack of Freon. Your AC will not put out cold air when this happens. The cooler air it does put out may not be cold enough to cool down your home quickly, and this will cost you a higher utility bill as your AC unit is simply running longer than it should. Call to have your AC system tuned up once a year.

Turn your thermostat up when you are not at home
You don’t necessarily need to turn it off, but at least set it higher. For example, if you normally like to have the temperature set at 72 degrees, then you may want to set it as high as 80 degrees when you leave for work, to the store or or just an evening out.

These are only three ideas to get you started. In general, remember that the idea is to keep your air conditioning unit running as little as possible.

Choosing The Right Contractors Who Use Energy-Efficient HVACS

Heating and cooling costs account for almost half of your utility bills throughout the year. Luckily, a green HVAC company can help to lower those bills and help the environment in the process. While there are plenty of smaller things you can do to lower your utility bills like using natural sunlight during the day and unplugging electronics, the real money savings is in installing an efficient HVAC unit and taking advantage of energy savings tips about your unit.

The smartest thing you can do to encourage an energy-efficient home is to hire a contractor who specializes in energy-efficient HVAC systems. This contractor should use Manual J calculations when determining the correct size unit you need for your home instead of the generic rule of thumb calculation. This contractor should also offer an annual maintenance plan that includes servicing, which helps lower repair costs and extends the life of your equipment.

There are a lot of letters involved in buying a new HVAC system like AFUE, SEER, and BTU/HR. It’s not easy to know exactly what all these acronyms mean, but since they are pretty important, a good contractor can walk you through all the necessary information to help you make the best choice for your family and you. The infographic below, originally syndicated by Ambient Edge, can help you get started understanding how to go green with your next HVAC system, and how the right contractor can make all the difference.



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