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Are You Spoiling Your Pets?


Right now I’ll have to say, “Guilty as charged!” I am one of those pet owners who lavish their furry babies with so much love, affection, toys, treats and anything a furry baby can possibly have and need.

My Millie epitomizes the meaning of a spoiled dog. She acts and behaves like a dog but with a certain touch of divaness. She loves sleeping with us on our bed. She has various pet bowls for certain kinds of food served to her, she doesn’t enjoy walking but loves car rides instead and she never, ever eat cheap dog food. I wonder why.

I adopted her when she was about 4 or 5 years old from a British family who treated her like a royal canine princess. I thought, I would be different but I ended up consenting and being one spoiler as well.

My daughter rolls her eyes whenever I baby talk my Millie. She would often tell me that I never did that baby-talk to her but now I was doing it to the dog. I just have it in me that my Millie is my youngest baby since I never had the chance to conceive again. Millie took that empty place reserved for another baby.

I buy her treats and clothes on all our travels and she loves the attention given to her without being snarky and all. I just adore my pooch. I don’t think I will stop spoiling her. As long as she knows where to do her business, she’s all good! I can spoil her the whole day.

Are you like me who spoil her dog rotten?

Dad’s Wave Prank

I was browsing the internet yesterday and found this very catchy article about a stay-at-home dad who waved at his son wearing various costumes for the whole duration of his son’s sophomore year.

I was so intrigued that I visited the wife’s blog at waveatthebus.blogspot.com. I will not go into details here so you can all check the blog and Dale’s (the dad!) outlandish costumes. One day he was a zombie, other days he was a fireman or a super hero or even a doctor. However, I didn’t notice he wore any nursing uniforms on the entire waving prank time. I still think it was so cool of him to do this anyway.

I had fun checking all the pictures and I had a warm feeling inside. I hope all dad will take the time to do something like this. I know, the teens may find it very embarrassing especially when their parents act weird but hey kids, give the parents some props! We can be creative at times too and sometimes, our way of showing our love and affection can be weird too :) Have some humor!

Here’s a sample of Dale’s outfit. Photo is courtesy of waveatthebus.blogspot.com.

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