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Update Your Patio Without Breaking Your Budget

A patio is one of the most frequented place in a house. If you are one of the many homeowners who enjoy a good deck or patio then you must have sometimes thought of updating it but the money issues seem to push you back.

Decorating your patio need not be a hole-digger on your budget if you plan to update the look of it. There are many ways to do it without spending too much. Sometimes, the answer is just a can of paint, an added pergola or new cushions on your patio furniture.

These are some tips to help you update your patio without spending a fortune.

Install stamped cement as patio floors

If your patio’s floor is outdated and needs to be revamped to look new and updated, try installing stamped cement which is using cement but stamping designs before it dries making it look like tiles. Cement is durable and can withstand any harsh weather.

Change the arrangement of your patio furniture and accentuate

Photo credit: bhg.com

Photo credit: bhg.com

Try moving around your outdoor furniture for a different look and feel. If you don’t have any center table, maybe it’s time to have one which you can buy cheaply from any home depot or score from a flea market. Accessorize with nice and big fluffy throw pillows for a more cozy look. Add some zen waterfalls for a more homey feel. You can hang wind chimes too and lanterns to add warmth and beauty at night!

Install a pergola

Photo credit: bhg.com

Photo credit: bhg.com

If your patio is just bare, you may want to install a pergola to add shade during the day.

Decorate your pergola

If you already have a pergola, you may want to spice it up a bit by hanging paper lanterns, tiny lights and even hanging plants. Drape it with a waterproof PVC coated fabric like the ones used in awnings and outdoor umbrellas to give you shade and coverage with it rains.

Photo credit: bhg.com

Photo credit: bhg.com


Photo credit: bhg.com

Photo credit: bhg.com


Add a fire pit

Make your patio lively especially during the cooler months with a fire pit that you may convert into a barbecue grill for those BBQ party with family and friends.

Add plants around the patio


Plant some nice flower-bearing plants or anything that you wish that will not look too bushy to add definition to the borders of your patio especially if you have an odd shaped patio.

There are many more ways to add spice to a knackered patio which are all within your budget. Sometimes, you just have to use your creativity!


Accessorize Your Outdoor Space


(Photo credit: BHG.com)

If you have a backyard or a wide open space in your property, then you are one lucky homeowner. Why lucky? Well, you get to enjoy the outdoors even at the confines of your own property. You can plant trees for shades, landscape extra areas for your garden, build a gazebo if you want or add a porch near your dining area or simply put garden sets, barbecue grills for those fun family get-togethers.

Not a lot of property owners can enjoy those things. If you have space in your land then here are things to consider when you want to dress up your outdoor space.

Umbrellas or big parasols
This is a must-have accessory in gardens. If you don’t have plenty of trees to serve as shades, stand-alone umbrellas will be the best alternative.

I love to have a gazebo in my own property when given the chance. It can serve as a small stage for family gatherings and serve as a dramatic space to entertain families and friends.

Awnings are great living space extender. It also helps doors and windows protected from the elements. They are affordable and a good sun deflector when needed.

Hammocks and swings
These are the things I would love to find in any outdoor space. I just love that feeling of being suspended mid-air and rocked slowly to sleep. It’s a great addition to a lovely outdoors with trees especially if you are want to put a hammock. It will be a good recluse space to read your favorite book or just take a doze off in the cool breeze of the outdoor.

Garden set seating
Outdoors furnitures add certain flair and drama to a beautiful and well tended outdoor space of a home. They can also serve as extra seating when there are functions or events in your place.

Fire pit
This is a must-have in my list. If I cannot put a barbecue grill, I will certainly make it a point to have a fire pit installed in my backyard so my family and I can enjoy the outdoors even in a cool, breezy evening.

An outdoor space is not completely accessorized without the installation of lights. Outdoor lighting adds personality to any outdoor space. It is very helpful to have these lights installed so you don’t end up tripping in the dark and also, it can serve as security as you can see the expanse of your property even at night.

My outdoor space will definitely be incomplete if there are no plants. Lovely flowers, shady trees and fragrant bushes can add character in any outdoor space. You can plant perennials for a continuous show of lovely flowers and bushes. You can also put a nice garden herb and veggie plots for use in the kitchen.

Plant citronella as your natural way to ward mosquitoes. You can also light citronella candles for this reason; just make sure you put the lights out if you won’t be staying long outside.

Wind chimes
Relaxing and soothing – those are the words that come to mind when I hear wind chimes. So, make sure you add this in your list when you want to beautify your outdoor space. Wind chimes can mask noises from cars.

Another great addition to a beautiful outdoor space is a zen-like pond installation, water fountain or a small pond. These are incorporate as part of many gardens designed for reflection.

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