Winter Vests

The cool breeze is blowing in this part of the world. Winter is fast approaching. Although the previous winter season was not as cold as it used to be many years ago, it is still good to have winter jackets in case you need to do a camping or an early morning jog near the beach.

A good wear for this winter season activities is the warm vest like the patagonia vest womens’ style. This is a great warm clothing to wear and when the sun is up and the temperature rises a bit, it can easily be removed leaving you with your long-sleeved casual wear which is ok for the weather.

What to Do When a Loved One Is Missing

Having a loved one or a friend go missing can be one of the most chilling experiences that anyone can go through. Fear, panic and confusion are the most immediate emotions that the average person would feel upon realizing that someone dear to him or her is nowhere to be found and cannot be reached with telecommunications.

Unfortunately, these same emotions can make the problem worse. Clarity of thought, sound judgment and deliberate action have been proven to greatly increase the chances of finding a missing person safely and immediately.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where a loved one goes missing, take the following steps:

Confirm that your loved one is missing

 The first step is to determine that they are truly missing. Most adults and older kids can intentionally disappear as they have access to transportation, money, or otherwise have the ability to be independent. However, if any disappearance is uncharacteristic and there is any suspicion that the disappearance was not voluntary, then proceed to try and reestablish contact or confirm that the person is missing. Ensure that you have a pen and paper or any other method to record as much information as you can.

  • Call all known phone numbers (cell phone, home, and office) and check their social media accounts. They may have left messages or indications of their whereabouts in their online or their contacts in social media may have additional information.
  • Check with their friends, co-workers, and relatives. Ask when was the last time they saw your loved one, what they were wearing when last seen, and if they mentioned any plans for the day.
  • Check their home or room. If there are any signs of forced entry or violence, call the police immediately and do not enter. If everything looks normal, be careful with what you touch and as much as possible do not disturb anything – record whatever you touch. When opening doors, use your thumb and forefinger to open the door, do not grab the doorknob. Look for notes or calendars. Do not clean up or try to sort out your loved one’s home or room.
  • Check if their car or preferred mode of travel (bike, skateboard, etc) is missing.
  • Take note of any objects that may also be missing.
  • Call hospitals and shelters. Ask if your loved one or someone fitting their description has been checked in.

Once you have confirmed that your loved one has gone missing, time is of the essence especially if abduction is suspected or there are any concerns about the person’s safety. Loved ones that are especially vulnerable are children, elderly, or person with physical or mental disability.

Contact the Police

There is no mandatory 24 hour waiting period in order to file a missing persons report – this is a myth and a dangerous one. The police may even consider it as a sign of abuse or negligence in the family if reporting is delayed. As soon as you have determined that your loved one is missing and are concerned about their safety, contact the police.

When dealing with the police, provide them with as much information as you can.

  • Physical description and at least three recent photographs. What they were wearing, when, where, and with whom they were last seen.
  • The information you recorded to determine that your loved one is missing.
  • Known aliases.
  • Names and contact details of the missing person’s friends and coworkers.
  • Social media accounts.
  • Medical information.
  • Any other information that the police may require.

Always ask for the badge number of the police officer taking your report and for a copy of the report or it provisional case number.

After contacting the police, if the missing person is a child you can contact the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children . Their 24-hour hotline is 800-THE-LOST (800-843-5678). They are financed by Congress to help in finding lost children.

Register with NAMus

Your local law enforcement will update your information into the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs). You can register your case information if you have the police report number. NamUs is a national repository for missing persons and can give guidance and advice on how to ensure that there are no gaps in information.

Reach out to the public, social media, and news agencies

Do not keep the disappearance a secret. The more people on the lookout and searching, the faster it can be resolved. Distribute fliers, put up posters, appeal for information using social media, and request local and national media for coverage. When dealing with the media, law enforcers recommends getting an intermediary. The intermediary can field questions and filter information that you may be too distressed to handle.

However, there is one important caveat: Do not tell all. Always ask your law enforcement or Private investigator for advice before releasing any information or correcting misreported facts. Unreported facts can help police or your private investigator in determining the veracity of information. It is a sad fact that there are some people who hinder investigations maliciously or in a mistaken belief that they are helping.

Hiring a Private investigator

If the case remains unsolved or the police advise you that they do not have the resources to make your case a priority, it may be time to consider hiring a private investigator. Take care that the private investigator is credible and ethical. In most states, private investigators are required to have licenses. We have previously posted on things to look for in a private investigator.

If you are considering hiring a private investigator, it is always a good idea to discuss this with the police officers handling your case and get their blessing. They may even have recommendations on reliable private investigators.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cases where so called “private investigators” contact the families of missing persons and offer their services but are unskilled, unprofessional, negligent, and sometimes hinder the genuine efforts of law enforcement. When screening for the right agency to help your cause, dedicate some time to researching their track records before committing to anyone.

Asking for help

Having a loved one go missing is a nightmare. Your ties with family and friends will be tested. You will be subjected to scrutiny and stress. It is important that you maintain your relationships with family and friends so that they can support you. Visit your doctor if you find that you are unable to eat or sleep. If needed, get counseling.

There are non-profit organizations that can help you in this time of need to organize the search and gather information. They can give emotional support, advice, and help raise awareness. You do not have to go through this difficulty alone.

Maximize Small Living Room Space

Making the best out of a small room place can be tedious and frustrating for some and fun and creative for others. Some people have troubles thinking of ways to maximise their small living spaces without making them look cluttered or ridiculous and if you are one of them you can find some tips and hacks on how to maximise your small living room space.

There are a few widely known and used tricks that people who have to manage organising a small living room space follow in order to have a well-functioning and beautiful living room.

Just because your space is small it does not mean that it cannot be a cosy and a stylish place to relax and have guests over. There are tricks that have been used by people and interior designers for years that can turn any small living space into a great living environment.

Here are some of the tips you can use as well to organise your living room without cluttering it.

1. Use light and neutral colour scheme – this is a tip provided by after tenancy cleaning that will make your small living room feel more airy and wide. Whites, beiges and other similar colours schemes are perfect for small spaces as they appear to push the walls back. Use such colours for your walls, floors, drapes and pieces of furniture. Maybe add one or two smaller elements that pop out but nothing too much.

2. Use small small-scale furniture – instead of buying a large sofa, a large coffee table, or a big armchair, replace them with more but smaller pieces. Get a smaller sofa with two not very big armchairs and may be two small coffee tables. This will not only look much better and in place in a small living room but it will also make the room feel cosy.

And also try to find furniture that seem lightweight. A big sturdy and heavy looking china cabinet would not look like it belongs in such a small place and it will be taking up too much space.

3. Use mirrors – this is a technique that is used by people when they want to make their room seem bigger. Add a mirror in a central location and near a light source – be it a lamp or a candle, so that the mirror can reflect the light and make the room brighter. Or put the mirror across from a window so that it reflects the outdoors and creates the illusion of the room being bigger.

4.  Add storage space – when you buy your furniture you can choose tables and ottomans that have more storage space. A table with a few layers can be where you store magazines or books, even a flower. Buy multifunctional furniture that can be used as storage spaces.

5. Use the corners – instead of having a number of shelves scattered in your living room to create clutter and disorder, you can dedicate an entire corner or a wall to use as storage space. Get a floor-to-ceiling storage wall and put your books and other belongings on one side of the room, instead of scattering them around and making it look cluttered.

What else you can do is – instead of having a few table lamps taking up space in your small living room make it a ceiling lamp or wall lamps – they will light the entire room without taking up much space.

Add a few well placed green plants here and there and you will have yourself a very cosy small living room. Who says a living room should be big?


Technology Is Giving Rug Buyers More Choices Than Ever

It used to be that when you planned to remodel or upgrade a room, you would have a set amount of rug choices that ranged from antique rugs to modern rugs that followed a set pattern that conformed to the manufacturer’s ability to turn a profit on that particular style. Given the fact that if you purchase a rug, you will likely keep it for the life of your home or at least for decades, that tended to be somewhat limiting.

Today, because people probably ought to have the range of choices that technology can allow, the industry has created options that allow homeowners to keep features that they want like 100 percent handmade rugs, while still advancing the number of design options that are available. How are they doing it? Digitized design development and advanced implementation capabilities allow them to be successful with fewer and fewer rugs for each design.

Here are some options that are proving to be popular in the new world of rug buying:

Traditional Designs:

Companies like have forged ahead with their design departments, pulling some of the most popular traditional designs from Europe and Asia and applying them to handmade rugs that will enhance any home in your house. One of the differences between traditional rugs and antique rugs is that traditional pieces tend to be purchased for their unique and individualized design characteristics while antique rugs typically follow a set style that matches the geography from whence they came.

Southwestern Designs:

Although Southwestern rugs have been popular since Route 66 opened up in the 20th century, access to the wide variety of unique design options that are available hasn’t been that guaranteed until online merchants started stockpiling a wide range of designs. Consequently, they are proving to be one of the more popular choices for homeowners. Appreciation of Native American art is one type of conversation that will liven up your party in the same way that your rug will create years of enjoyment.

Oriental Designs:

When you look at oriental designs, keep in mind that some carpets in museums are older than 1500 years. So even though there are some design aficionados that will point out that there isn’t that much flexibility from some manufacturers, there is still a strong market for traditional manufacturers that take orders from retailers that demand input into the pattern design process. If you are more of a rug patron, you will probably find it rewarding to know that your range of choices has grown considerably in the last decade.

Design technology continues to have a positive impact on the number of options that homeowners have. Finding the right retail partner online with that in mind can help you have much greater piece of mind when you bring your new rug home.


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