Update Your Garden With Autumnal Plants

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It is still summer but hey, it will not be long before autumn ushers. And wouldn’t you like some gardening before that happens?  Prepare your garden with autumnal plants that will stand out during the coming season. Some can even go beyond the cold spells of winter time.

You can grow many types of plants that will thrive during the colder season, and here are some of the types of plants you can consider:

Flowering plants


Photo credit: pexels.com

This flower add bright colors of violet and deep purple to any patio. Aside from being pretty to look at and easy to plant, pansies are also edible! You can eat the entire flower, sepals and all! It has a mild, minty flavor, adding richness to your palate. Be careful though. Do not buy pansies from florists or those treated with pesticides if you want to add them to your salads for eating.


Begonias are pretty flowers that look the part anywhere you put it, whether in a planter, near the shady parts of your patio, or even as hanging plants.


Vegetables and Herbs


Arugula is a nice leafy, crunchy vegetable use in salads. It is a member of the Brassica family of plants that can easily be grown. They are best planted at least a month before the first frost in your area. Leaves can be plucked while they are young so as not to have any bitter taste.


Carrots are best planted before the colder season. So if you want to harvest your carrots by spring, planting them during autumn, up until October, you are sure to enjoy your crisp carrots harvest by spring.



Smoke bush

Photo credit: keyword-suggestions.com

It is a purple-leaved Cotinus plant that adds a pop of orange to deep red colors during fall. It likes a sunny spot but it is considered as a hardy plant that can thrive even during cold winter.

Winterthur smooth witherod viburnum

Photo credit: finegardening.com

This is a beautiful shrub that is full of vibrant colors of dark red from its leaves to deep indigo from its fruits. It is perfect even during summer all the way to fall. It is covered with small white flowers during late summer.


Fruit bearing plants

Golden Raspberry

Photo credit: ringdenfarm.co.uk

This is a variety of the red raspberry kind but has golden hue. It has a citrusy flavor, and birds don’t bother it as much because of its lighter color. Giving it the impression that it is unripe.

This plant can easily be cultivated too.


Autumnal plants can give your garden a nice dramatic effect when season is about to change especially when their leaves start changing colors, and some flowers and even berries will appear to provide bright hues of warm reads, oranges, yellows, purples, blues, black to usher the coming cold season. They can add beauty to your garden with their individual characters. Spice up your garden with plants that can even thrive beyond winter time. Enjoy gardening!

Reasons Why You Need To Change Your Air Conditioner Unit To Save On Cost

In Virginia, summer comes on fast. It seems like there is hardly a spring anymore. Over the winter, you probably ran your heater all the time without turning on your air conditioner once. Of course, this makes sense given the climate, but the next thing you know you are turning on your AC for the first time in the summer and it doesn’t work. This is obviously something you want to avoid at all costs.

Air conditioners usually last around 10-20 years if they are good quality and are maintained properly throughout their lifespan. Things might come up from time to time, but that is a pretty good estimate of what you will get with a new air conditioner. You don’t want to be stuck without an air conditioner for a few days in the hot summer because you waited too long to get yours replaced. Here are some signs that your air conditioner may be starting to go.

1. It’s old – As stated earlier, the average air conditioner lasts around 20 years. If you have lived in your home for a long time and haven’t checked on your air conditioner, it may be time to have it looked at. One sign that its age is taking effect is that it is taken a little longer to cool your home than before.

2. Repairs are more frequent – If it seems like you are having to have your AC unit worked on more and more each year, it might be time to replace it. After a while, it becomes more effective financially to just replace it rather than pouring money into its repairs. This is especially true if the repairs are expensive and cost a good portion of what a replacement would cost.

3. You want to go energy efficient – If you have you have an older air conditioner, it is probably not Energy Star rated. Consider replacing an old model with a newer more efficient model. This could provide you with a lot of value because the money you save on your monthly energy bill could outweigh the cost of the new unit completely.

These are not the only reasons to replace your air conditioner unit. Contact us if you need air conditioning installation Williamsburg VA has to offer. We have been providing residents in the area with quality HVAC repairs and installation services for years and can fix any problem you may be experiencing.

Reasons to Pursue Wall Crack Repair

When walls are damaged, minor and major issues could occur if the inefficient, flawed, or defective zones aren’t repaired in a timely manner. In order to avoid the most costly problems, a technician must repair slight cracks before they develop into craters.

Prevent Bug and Rodent Problems

If a crack is large enough, bugs will crawl into the spaces with ease. When this happens, other problems will occur if the bugs have harsh habits. For example, if termites invade cracks in a wooden wall, they will continue to eat the material until the entire structure is weak. Flies and ants cause problems that can affect the air in an environment, as these bugs typically place food in various nooks and crannies.

Maintain Reasonable Energy Costs

Although minor cracks may not seem like a big problem, you’ll gradually notice higher energy costs if gaps in the wall aren’t repaired. Energy costs raise because any air that an HVAC unit generates escapes by seeping through the cracks in the wall. As a result, the HVAC equipment must operate longer in order to heat or cool a space, and this is why energy costs spike. By repairing cracks, an HVAC unit can successfully manage and maintain temperatures in an efficient manner.

Prevent Harsh Mold Problems

The toughest mold problems involve spores that generate in various nooks and crannies on a wall. Most homeowners don’t detect these kinds of mold issues quickly because the spores grows in spots that are challenging to inspect if proper detection tools aren’t used. A solid defensive is the best way to avoid risky situations that can lead to mold growth, and this is why all cracks that are found on walls where water can leak could be repaired.

Professional Strategies

After a technician repairs all of the cracks, tactical steps must be taken in order to protect the walls in other areas. During renovation projects, always observe the surroundings before implementing any procedures. If a space is properly inspected, a proper renovation strategy can be developed so that bulky furniture pieces won’t generate more cracks on the wall throughout the renovation process. In order to prevent cracking that can ruin a wall after renovations are complete, ensure that all furniture is arranged practically so the residents won’t trip and damage the paneling on the wall.

Whenever a wall needs to be repaired, always work with a highly trained service technician. The process of finding an experienced technician is easy because there are many companies that specialize in wall crack repair Erie PA.


4 Top Tips To Help Your Shy Child Through Kindergarten

If your child is a little on the shy side, here are a few tips for preparing him or her for kindergarten.

1.    It’s okay to be shy

Firstly, let your little one know that it is okay if he or she is a little more introverted and reserved than his or her peers. When you compare it to other kids, shy kids usually need some more time to adjust to their new environment. As a parent, it is your job to support your shy child until he or she is comfortable in an unfamiliar setting and you can help your little one interact with his or her peers.

2.    Visit the school

A shy child needs more support than an outgoing one during those first few days at kindergarten. A great way to prepare him or her is to ease your child into school. Try visiting the school together a few times before his or her big first day so your little one will feel more comfortable in the new surroundings. You can also learn about the Guardian Early Learning kindergarten programs and talk to the teacher about making the transition easier for your child. Also, try to get the class list as soon as you can so you can find some of his classmates who may live nearby and try arranging a playdate or two beforehand so your child at least knows a few other kids when he or she starts school.


3.    The first day

On the first day of school, plan to stay for a little while. Greet the teacher together and help your little one put his or her things away. You may also introduce your child to a few other kids. But if he or she seems uninterested, help your child begin an activity or project with them. When it’s time to go, remember to say goodbye and reassure him or her that you will be back later after classes are done. Don’t try to slip out unnoticed.

4.    During the school year

Throughout the year, continue to communicate with the teacher. She will let you know what is or isn’t working for your shy child, who his/her friends are, and will advise you on how to encourage your little one to come out of his or her shell.

You may be told not to push a very shy child at this age, but if you don’t give them a little nudge of encouragement, they are not going to have as much exposure to other activities and people as they could. This can end up being harmful in the long run, since pre-schoolers learn tons about the world from one another.

That being said, you also don’t want to overload your shy child with social obligations. Listen and watch for his or her cues: if they are cranky and uncomfortable, ease off and give them a little quiet space. Shy kids do need some extra downtime every day after school to spend time in their familiar surroundings and engage in low-key activities. If a full day seems like it will be too much, you may want to consider half-day kindergarten if you have the option.

Disconnect From Technology To Connect To Your Kids

I have been observing people in public places, especially the families. I feel sad looking at them from afar because they are all busy with their gadgets including the kids, that they barely had time to talk to each other, let alone interact with one another. My experience is not far from this too.

I get really irritated when I am out with my own family and they are all busy fidgeting with their smartphones, checking their FBs, if not, chatting with someone other than me who is seated right there. I always remind them to switch their phones and gadgets off or keep them away from family time. It’s just plain disrespectful and outright disheartening.

Being a mother myself, my daughter is already in her late teens. We have gone through this phase where I had to keep reminding her to limit her use of gadgets, laptop, and phone. It wasn’t easy but it was achievable.

Parents, now that summer is here. Your kids will be bored stiff at home especially if they have been exposed to technology. It will be a bit difficult to pry those smartphones, tablets, and other gaming consoles away from their tight grip. But do not lose heart, you can still do it with these tips on how to disconnect your kids from technology to be able to have a more quality family time.

Go out on a vacation without laptops, tablets, and gaming consoles

I know, budget may become an issue for some but if it is not, try to enjoy a long vacation if you can with your family. Give them a heads up that the idea of the vacation is to spend quality time with each other without the use of technology. However, as parents, the need for smartphones are necessary especially when you need coordination. Do limit the carrying of smartphones amongst the parents only. None for the kids.

Engage in fun outdoor activities

If you have decided to go on a vacation, try to incorporate some fun outdoor adventures with your kids. Try camping, hiking, visiting farms, fishing, or go to the beach and enjoy some beach sports!

Just in case you did not go on a vacation, this can still be achieved by going on bike trips as a family, or make them walk with you at the park and have a picnic. If your other friends who have kids are also home for the summer, enlist the kids for play date in one of the friends’ houses, and take turns doing it every weekend. That will foster camaraderie, and encourage kids to enjoy family time even with friends.

Visit historical sites and art museums

Make a list of nearby historical sites, and art museums you can visit every week. Make it a point to leave the gadgets and tablets behind so the kids can soak in great information about your town or nearby town’s history. Involve them in a cultural and arts immersion in your trip. Let them develop that appreciation for arts.

Go to a petting farm or zoo

Kids these days don’t know the feeling of being in a zoo. Everything they see about animals of the wild is all through the internet which is not a good thing in a way. Not all their senses are heightened just by merely seeing pictures or videos of animals in the wild. What better way to introduce them to the animal kingdom is to bring them to a petting farm for a more close contact with farm animals, or take them to the zoo to see the animals of the wild in person. The petting farm is a perfect way to foster compassion to animals, giving them the responsibility to care for other beings beside their own.

Introduce your kids to board games

Have they even heard of board games or at least have seen one? If not, parents, this is your chance to introduce your kids to the board games you love. This is a perfect way to spend a quiet day at home when the weather is harsh. Instead of holding their gadgets, why not spread the board game and play with the whole family.

Go outside and take some photos

Maybe your kids are just waiting to be tapped for great eye for a subject. Let them be photographers this time around and allow them to explore their hidden eye for beauty. They will surely have fun taking snaps of various subjects which you can later on view and choose the best ones and let them create a photo book as part of their photography adventure.

Volunteer as a family in civic organizations or in hospitals, elder care, orphanage, free food for the homeless, or pet/animal shelter


The list can go on and on! If you have more to add to this list, feel free to leave them in the comment.


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