Removing Mud Taste from Fish

There are certain fresh water fish like tilapia and milk fish which has “muddy” taste even after cleaning them. Sometimes, washing the fish and putting lemon and salt does not do the trick. There is still that weird “muddy” taste even after they are cooked.

Here’s a simple tip to get that muddy taste out. Make sure the fish are well cleaned and gutted. Wash with water then put them in a bowl. Pour 1 cup of vinegar over the fish.  Ensure that even the inside part of the fish (where the slit is from being gutted) is also flushed with vinegar.

The fish does not get the vinegar taste when you fry or cook them. But if you keep them soaked too long in the vinegar then it will have a little after taste but no muddy and funny smell too.

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2 Responses to Removing Mud Taste from Fish

  1. bingkaycoy says:

    I don’t know about the muddy taste coz I haven’t tasted anything that resembles “muddy” in my fish. I guess, I’ve grown accustomed to fishes since this is a major food product in our hometown , in Davao. We’re fish-vore in my household and that is why we probably don’t taste the “muddy” thing in fishes —-or probably, there’s really no muddy-tasting fishes in the groceries or markets where our fish are sold.
    What we do , we just wash them with water, take out their “galls” and put a little salt and that’s it—ready to cook.

  2. ria says:

    I tasted muddy tilapias and milk fish back in the Philippines and very seldom here too. So, I tinkered with the kitchen stuff and found out that, amazingly, vinegar does remove the stink and muddy taste. :)

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