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Potty Train Your Puppy

Having a pet is a responsibility that every family who brings in a puppy must understand. Yes, a puppy can be all cute and fluffy but it is like a baby that you have to train while young.


Puppies need to be trained as early as 5-7 weeks old so they can differentiate what is bad from what is good when it comes to urinating and defecating inside your home. There should be a clear boundary when these puppies are honed to relieve their natural instinct outside the house by properly training them.


Take note of the natural ability of a young puppy to hold its bladder. A very young puppy will only have a certain threshold and they will urinate when they want to. During the 5-7 weeks, it will be a common occurrence to have “accidents”  in their pen. So, you can start introducing them to puppy training pads.

Puppy Training Pads 100 ct (23″ x 24″)

Puppy Training Pads 100 ct (23

These training pads is a good way to introduce your puppies to potty training.


Puppy Training Pads 100 ct (23″ x 24″) – $25.95 (21% off), 9.10 shipping – Available at KV Supply

Hot Pants Dog Panties, Small, 10 Inches, Black

Hot Pants Dog Panties, Small, 10 Inches, Black

You must be constant with your potty training and be gentle to them so they do not develop the “fear” but only understand that it is not good to relieve inside the house.

Another thing to train to them is when they are a bit older like around 16 weeks. By this time, the puppies are able to hold their bladder so you can actually let them out of the house to run to the yard and find their perfect spot in the corner to urinate and poop.

As you go along these routine regularly, the puppies will start to associate going outside after meals or at certain period of the day as relieving time and by then, they should be house trained.


As a perfect gift to these cute puppies who are now able to go outside and do their thing is this cute doggie panties.  Cute!

Hot Pants Dog Panties, Small, 10 Inches, Black – $12.20, Free shipping – Available at Marketplace

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Treat Your Beloved Pup to Something Above and Beyond a Cage

Modern fans of having their own puppies and adult dogs often suffer from trying to decide what the best option is for having them go to the potty at various times and in different scenarios. 

photo not mine

photo not mine

Sometimes it’s so cold out during winter that it is challenging to brave the great outdoors. Additionally, you might simply want an alternative to taking your puppy outside for the times your are working besides having them simply go on paper you’ve laid down in their cage. 

With options you will find when you shop, and companies like theirs, is a way for your pet to roam freely, without caging, throughout the day without having any potty related accidents. These types of devices allow your dog to have the same comfort of having his or her own place to relieve themselves, just like cats have their litter boxes and humans have toilets. 

The beauty of such programs is that they also offer potty training options for puppies, so you aren’t left completely on your own to do the training blindly, especially with a completely new type of product. In a one-bedroom and one-bathroom style apartment, these cages really do act more as a home within your home for your sweet puppy, giving him or her a sense of belonging and personal space that no other type of unit is likely to provide. 

Once your puppy is happy, trained and satisfied with their new little corner of the world, you will find a new sense of satisfaction at how your pet fits within your family.

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Our Dog Scare

Millie was a bit down the past few days. One day she was jumping up and down in our couch and bed and the next thing you know it, she was lying on her bed or on the floor, didn’t want to eat much and a bit quiet lately.


We took her to the vet last night and hoped for positive news that what was happening to her wasn’t that bad. We had a feeling that she was in pain with all those jumping around. And the vet confirmed that. She probably had her vein compressed in the neck area with all those jumping around. Also, her bloodwork came out negative. That is a relief to hear.

So, our dear little diva baby Millie is on pain-relief meds right now for few days. I didn’t go to work to observe how she is behaving. Also, the doctor asked me to reduce the weight of Millie. I am guilty! I kept giving her treats as I can’t bear to look at those begging doggie eyes. I guess I have spoiled her rotten too.


Things will have to change from now on. After the dog scare with Millie, we’ll have to set new rules and rearrange stuff around the house so she won’t jump on the bed and the couch and hurt herself in the process. Also, daily workout for Millie will have to be done. So, it pays both ways for me too. I lose weight with Millie. I have to give time for this even if I’m tired from work. It’s a commitment I will give as if she is my own child. Well, for my family, that’s how we see Millie. She’s our baby with four legs…and fur who barks. 

This is what I can suggest to pet lovers out there. If you suspect your dog is feeling something weird or see signs that are unusual for your pet, bring your beloved pet to the vet right away. The sooner you do that, the sooner your pet can get the immediate medical care it needs and can prevent any serious complications later on. It’s also wise to get pet insurance. I am considering that now.

Do you get so attached with your pets? Do you love them like they are your own kids? I know I do. How about you?

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Grooming Time For Millie


The weather has let up and it’s not as cold as it was the previous days so it’s time for our “stinkerella” Millie to go to the groomers for her regular grooming session.

I gave her a bath 2 weeks ago at home but her coat is already bushy and long and needs to be properly trimmed, shampooed and blow-dried by the professionals. She looks like a walking rectangular box already with 4 legs!

I normally don’t give her bath every week because of her sensitive skin. I only brush her regularly. However, every other month, I take her to the groomers except this winter time has been a bit weird and our Millie had to wear her doggie shirt to keep warm even with her thick coat already. Since the weather is okay and we’re back to using the air condition unit on, that means, it’s warmer and more so, Millie will be feeling more hot that her humans.

So, stinkerella Millie is ready for her grooming time!

How about you, how often do you take your lovely pooch for a professional grooming?

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Teach Your Kids To Be Compassionate



Teaching your kids to be compassionate is something we, parents must ensure that we do. In this modern age and time, our children are being exposed to the violent surroundings, from the media, video games, news and day-to-day happenings around us. And this makes me think of the famous hit song of Black Eyed Peas before and wonder, “Where Is The Love?”

Our times have changed. The younger generation does not know the full meaning of compassion and it is never too early to teach your kids to be one. It is good to expose our kids to the feeling of empathy because it cultivates a caring and respectful attitude and builds ethical character. It also reduces violence and in this violent world we live in, we need more compassionate people.

Compassion is a feeling. It is about feeling the sufferings of others even if we are not in the same situation as they are or if we have not experienced what others have gone through. This feeling of empathy for others does not stop there. When you feel compassion, you have the desire to act on that empathy by helping.

Compassion is not only felt towards human beings but it is across species. One is not limited to show empathy on to the same creature. A good example is this post I found in the internet. A young kid has been feeding some stray dogs in his village and at a young age, he already knew what he wanted to do to help them out. You may find more information about this young compassionate boy in his website.

We can teach our kids to be compassionate at an early age and with these tips, they will surely learn how to be more caring.

  • Start them young in volunteering work. They will get the right exposure on how to offer assistance to those who are dire in need.
  • If you are into visiting people who needs aid, you can take them when you visit the orphanage, home for the aged, hospital wards and dog/cat shelters and allow them to help you out when you care for the elders, sick people, and abandoned pets. You may encourage them to join programs in the hospitals wards where they can assist in feeding the sick or care for the aged and even pets in the shelter.
  • Show them pictures of other kids demonstrating compassion, generosity and care.
  • Explain to them the importance of showing compassion to others and how feeling their pain can help him/her to be more respectful, caring and considerate of others.
  • Teach them to donate unused and old toys and explain why it is a good thing to donate them. Tell them how those toys will make other children who are less fortunate happy.
  • Lastly, be an example so your kids will emulate you.



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