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Home Improvement Jobs You Probably Shouldn’t Do Yourself

The DIY movement has taken over and everyone is getting down and dirty learning how to complete things on their own. Though it can be great to learn a new skill and even better to save some cash, there are some down sides to doing projects on your own. Not only do you not have the necessary experience in most cases, but you’ll be dedicating a lot of your time to getting the project done. There’s also the fact that you could get seriously hurt or completely ruin your home’s structure.

That’s why there are times when it’s best to call in the pros. Here is a list of home improvement projects you should just hire a professional for:


Whether you’re trying to clean the gutters, repair a hole, or replace the entire roof, heights are not something to joke around with. Even if you manage to climb to the top of your house ensuring that you don’t fall or do more damage to your property is an entirely different beast. Hiring roofing contractors in bronx or wherever you happen to live saves you the risk. They have the necessary skill, equipment, and proper insurance to cover them and your home should something go wrong.

Electrical Work

This one should be a no-brainer, but just in case you were thinking about grounding your own wires or rewiring an entire home you should think again. Even if you completely turn off the power source there is a real chance of getting hurt. Not to mention there are a lot of city codes that must be followed when working with electricity. One wrong installment could result in fines and even worse a house fire. Any electrical work should certainly be left to an electrician.

Tree Removal

Sure, cutting the grass and watering the plants is a home improvement project you can do yourself without any trouble. However, if you have a tree that needs to be trimmed or removed, you really shouldn’t do it yourself. One wrong chop could leave a tree sitting on the top of your house, car, or even worse on someone else’s property. Allowing expert tree removal companies to do it for you is best and prevents injuries and potential damage to neighboring properties.
You might be tempted to pick up the tools and get to work after watching a how-to video or two, but is it really the right thing to do? If you’re not experienced in completing home improvement projects like those described above your best bet is to contact the pros and save yourself and your property the hassle.


Extreme Heat Poses Serious Risk to Pets

Fresh drinking water, wet towels and mobile evaporative coolers shield creatures from the GCC’s harsh climate

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 14th, 2017 – As temperatures shoot up across the Arabian Gulf, pet owners are being warned that extreme weather poses a serious risk to animals.

Temperatures exceeded 51°C in the United Arab Emirates at the end of last month, according tothe country’s National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology, while the heat index, which takes humidity into account to express what that heat ‘feels like’, hit a scorching 66°C.1

“Unlike us, dogs and cats don’t release heat by sweating, leaving them particularly susceptible to heatstroke, which can make them seriously ill within minutes,” said Dr Lila Miller, Veterinary Advisor at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).2

“Even the healthiest pets can suffer from dehydration, heatstroke and sunburn if overexposed to the heat. Heatstroke can be fatal if not treated promptly.”1

Speaking in June, Emma-Leigh Pearson, DVM, a veterinarian with animal hospital network MedVet, said, “As the weather gets warmer and our dogs have yet to acclimatise to the change in temperature, more cases of canine heatstroke are seen.

“The primary goal in the treatment of heatstroke is to actively facilitate cooling. Methods of cooling in the heatstroke patient focus on evaporative and conductive mechanisms of heat dissipation.”3

Portable evaporative coolers are an easy way to keep animals cool even at the height of summer. Far cheaper to run than air conditioning, evaporative coolers also get to work far more quickly – important when the weather is simply unbearable.

“Traditional portable air-conditioning units are not only costly, they are often ineffective when they are placed outside,” said Thomas Morrison, Marketing Director, Portacool LLC.

“If your pets spend most of their time in the garden, evaporative cooling will keep them safe and comfortable.”



  • Dogs should be walked early in the morning or after the sun has set.
  • Keep pets indoors between noon and 3pm, when the sun is at its strongest.
  • Ensure your animals can access a shaded area at all times.
  • Provide plenty of chilled drinking water and replace it regularly. Ice packs placed underneath the bowl will keep it cooler longer.
  • Never leave your animal restrained in direct sunlight or alone in a vehicle for any length of time.
  • If your pet becomes overly lethargic, vomits or has a dazed expression, act immediately. Ice packs or cool, wet towels should be placed near the animal’s head and neck and it should be driven to the nearest vet in an air-conditioned vehicle.
  • Overweight animals and those with thick coats are particularly susceptible to hyperthermia.


About Portacool

Portacool, LLC is the worldwide manufacturing leader in the portable evaporative cooling industry, providing cooling solutions that assist in providing comfort in the hottest conditions whether at work or play. Headquartered in Center, Texas since 1990, Portacool provides a wide range of products from industrial to residential applications. Portacool products are sold via distributors and retailers across the United States and 56 other countries. To learn more about the company, or to see the line of products go to

Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

Spring is the perfect time to spruce up your home. There are several things around the house that need routine maintenance or an annual cleaning. The best part of doing these chores at this time of year is that you will have all of your summer to sit back and relax. The following are a few of the top things that need some attention.


Cleaning and providing routine maintenance on your home appliances will keep them running efficiently and may even extend their life. Some of these you can do yourself. For example, you can empty the refrigerator and wash it thoroughly inside and out. Use a vacuum to remove dust from the coils. Other systems like your heating and air conditioning will require professional care. The HVAC companies Williamsburg VA has, such as Art Newsome, Inc., can provide routine maintenance and annual inspections.


Annually cleaning the floors in your home will allow them to look their very best, reduce allergens, and extend the floor’s life. Tile, hard wood, and laminate floors can be done by you. Sweep up all dust, dirt, and debris. Follow up with a thorough mopping. You could even use this time to wash all of the base boards as well. Leave the carpets to the professionals. They know how to remove stubborn stains and they have the proper equipment needed to steam clean any type of carpeting you may have.


You may not think that furniture would need annual care, but to keep it looking wonderful, you do need to provide a little tender loving care. Vacuum all upholstered pieces. Remove cushions and vacuum under them too. Spot wash any areas that feel sticky or have obvious stains. Wood pieces can be wiped with a micro fiber cloth to remove dust. Specially designed polishes can be used to restore the natural shine, and products like Old English can be used to hide scratches.

Now that you have gone through your home and checked these tasks off of your to-do list, you can spend your summer enjoying yourself. Not only is it peace of mind to have these jobs behind you, but you will be ensuring that everything is running properly and looking its best.

Simple Decorating Ideas For Your Window Sill

If they say, “The eyes are the windows of your soul,” is it also safe to say, “your windows are the eyes that provide the windows of your home’s soul.” That was just my analogy but let’s admit it, a drab window sill is a bit boring, don’t you think.

For many minimalists, having too much decoration on their window sill defeats the purpose of having a clean and minimal living. However, there are some who prefers to add a little touch of life (aside from life seeping in) to something that is necessary for a house.

Some houses have windows without provision for an extra space to add something decorative and fun to add character to a home. Other houses have wider window sill that can give them the opportunity to decorate as they please depending on their style and preference.

If you prefer to decorate your window as simple as possible just to add character and color to your home, here are some inspiration to get you started.


Add various shapes of vases and jars

Photo by Brianna Fairhurst on Unsplash

I love seeing various sizes and shapes of jars displayed along a window sill. I also like seeing those big apothecary jars with odd shapes and glass caps. They add a certain flair to a seeming bland window set-up. You can go full on color blocking with the color motif or stick to a rather conservative monochromatic tone to complement the design of your room.

Below photo shows a beautiful array of various apothecary jars. You can fill them up with small river rocks, sands of various colors, and even knick and knacks from other holiday decors.

(Photo credit:


Add small succulents

A plain window sill can liven up with the addition of small plants like succulents which are low maintenance and does not require frequent watering that will mess up your place.

Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash


Add coffee table books

Photo by Breather on Unsplash

Wide window sill provides added storage space for bigger items that you want to display like your coffee table books. The wide dimension can hold thick and heavy books that would normally look odd in a book shelf.

Coffee table books are that normally have beautiful pictures that catches the eyes of the reader. It is not always thick and heavy but big enough to place on your table for either display or added entertainment.


Add small pots of plants

Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

(Photo credit:

Plants add life to any window sill, whether they are colorful or mono-colored tones.  Putting flowery small plants can add color to your window and home too.


Add novelty decors

Photo by jens johnsson on Unsplash


(Photo credit:

Putting your novelty items on display are great conversation pieces, aside from adding flair to your home. Bigger collectibles are perfect items to display on your window sill. And the more eclectic it is, the better.


There are certainly many ways to dress up a plain window sill and not overpower it with decors that it make your window sill cluttered. You do not have to spend a fortune to pull any of these styles off. All you need are probably there in your home already. And of course, add some fun and creative juice into it.

Happy decorating!

Iced Green Tea for Summer


I am tired drinking the same old iced tea available in the market. I even brew my own tea and put freshly squeezed lemon juice and mint leaves on the cool drink. I then remembered that there is a healthier option to drink something refreshing this summer – Ice Cold Green Tea! And why not?

It’s very easy. I just buy those commercial green tea and use at least 3 or 4 bags. I boil water and pour it on a heat-resistant pitcher then put all the tea bags in. I then mix them up until the water turns darker shade and remove the tea bags. Save them for later if you want to make another batch of this refreshing and healthy drink. I don’t put sugar on my tea so it’s more healthy. I add mint leaves for extra taste and skip on the lemon juice. I put ice cubes or shaved ice to make this green tea drink very refreshing. Try it!


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