Things You Should Not Do When Moving To A New Home

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We have just recently moved to a new flat after staying from the previous one for a decade. It was bittersweet and towards the days before the final move, it had become a total bitter experience because – we did not plan correctly for the move.

We already had the notion of moving but the date was not certain until we received our confirmation for the new flat and everything after that was just done in haste. Of all the moves we have done in the past, the last one was really the most disorganized one because we had very little time left until our contract expires and the confirmation to check in the new place  takes effect.

And because of our own misgivings in the move, here are valuable lessons every homeowner should note when you are planning to relocate or move to a new place. Never, ever do these things below:

Do not plan your move last minute

One thing that will hamper your smooth progress of moving is when you plan your move on the 11th hour. This is when you start rushing and forgetting to put what where. I also do not like the cramming and stress I subject myself into when it comes to meeting very tight deadlines when you still have one million and one things to pack and do.

Always ensure that you give yourself enough time, like a month or so to give your vacating notice, coordinate with professional movers on the date of packing and removal of stuff, and the hiring of professional cleaners to sort your old home and make it presentable so you don’t waste your deposit.

Do not leave your old rented flat or rented home in a mess

Our only excuse for not having the old flat cleaned and brought forward to its presentable state was the last minute timings we have. The timing was really off for use. But if you have the time to contact a professional cleaner company to clean your old home/flat, patch up those holes you have drilled before, repaint (if necessary), and really make the old flat presentable again before handover to the landlord then I suggest you really do this.

There are certain clauses in the contract that indicates that when moving out, you should leave your old premise in pristine condition or else, they will deduct certain amount from your deposit or worse, you have to pay more.

Do not leave the holes you have drilled when putting up those frames and shelves un-puttied

Just like the reason above, make sure you have enough time to cover up those gapping holes you created while decorating your old home. You can buy putty at any hardware or home depot stores and you can actually do it yourself even if you’re not very handy. There are plenty of how-to videos in the internet to help you do this without spending a fortune if you don’t feel like paying for a professional.

Do not pack in haste and do not forget to mark your boxes with description of their contents

Always give yourself enough time for a leeway when packing. It can buy you more time to organize and sort what you will put it in each boxes. Do not pack in haste as you will surely miss stuff like in our case.  I only managed to put description on few boxes and the rest where done in haste. I am not proud of it since I am a stickler for organization and system but this time, everything we did for the move was very uncharacteristic. Never again!


Many things can go wrong when you don’t plan your move accordingly. Time is really important when moving and having everything move smoothly. Also, don’t be afraid to hire help from the professionals even if you have to pay extra because that is what they do. They are there to help lessen your burden with packing and moving.

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