Not Just About the Price: Tips for Picking the Right Family Hotel

When you next go on a family weekend break or a longer vacation, one of the most important things to keep in mind is choosing the right hotel.

But choosing a hotel can be a lot harder than it seems. With so much choice and so many considerations, how should you decide? Here are some tips to help you look beyond the price and find the right hotel for your needs.


The Right Location

Perhaps the most important factor to consider when you first start looking at hotels is the location. When you go on vacation with the kids, you want to know that you will be staying nearby to all the main attractions.

For example, say you are planning a big trip to South Africa and you’ll be staying in Johannesburg. You want to make sure your hotel is close to the main attractions rather than being miles away, so somewhere like the Marriott Johannesburg Melrose Arch might be suitable.

That way, the journey from the airport will be easier, and you can save time and money every day traveling to see the attractions. Traveling with kids can be challenging, so anything you can do to reduce travel times will help, and a well-located hotel can play a big role in this.


Amenities that Make It Good for Kids

Once you know the area you want to stay in, the next thing is to make sure your chosen hotel will be suitable for families. Some hotels cater more for businesspeople, while some cater for all types of travelers, and you will want to make sure you find one where you will be made to feel welcome.

It doesn’t need to have a kids’ club (though it can be great if it does), but it should at least have some amenities like a good swimming pool, WiFi access, room service, and a breakfast service to make your stay more comfortable.


Good Dining Options

Keeping kids happy means keeping them well fed. While you will probably head out to try the local restaurants, a hotel with a good restaurant can make it a lot easier to feed your family whenever you need to.

For example, after you get back from a day of sightseeing, you might just want to grab something to eat rather than head out again, so this is always a good option.


Types of Rooms on Offer

When choosing your hotel, you should also check the types of rooms that the hotel provides. If you want everyone to stay in the same room, check that this is possible before booking.

If your kids want their own room and they are old enough, make sure you can find two suitable rooms next to each other.


Comfort and Cleanliness

Finally, whatever other amenities your hotel provides, make sure you always choose one that is clean and comfortable. You can often tell from the hotel website and by reading reviews. Also, find a hotel where the staff is kind and helpful because this will help to make your stay more enjoyable.


Find Your Perfect Hotel

Get your family vacation off to the right start by choosing the ideal hotel for your stay. Choosing the right hotel can help to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone, so spend some time researching your options and make sure you find the right one for you.


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