Coping With Delicate Pregnancy

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I have always known that I would become a mother one day. True enough, I have been blessed with a child after trying for several months before I became pregnant. The road to getting pregnant was not an easy one due to many reasons, mostly due to my health. I almost thought I would not complete my pregnancy to full term due to my frail health.

I was born with a weak immune system. It is something I work on regularly up to this time. I have a frail health. My menstrual cycle is not regular. I easily get sick. I am asthmatic too. Many health issues posed as problems in conceiving because for one, it was difficult to tell if I was fertile or not due to my irregular menstrual cycle. I have had my hormones checked before and had it fixed with the help of hormonal pills to correct my irregular period. So, my hubby and I kept trying until one day, my mum told me that she thought I was pregnant and took me to the OB-GYN. There was no indication and I didn’t have any morning sickness. I couldn’t rule out the lack of menstrual period due to my irregular nature. I was just happy that I was going to be a mother.

My pregnancy was not a very high-risk one but more of a delicate pregnancy. I had to cope with it emotionally, mentally, and physically because it was taxing. I couldn’t say I was in my best form when I got pregnant but I knew I could handle it as long as I was not stressed nor exerting much effort.

I always had bleeding in all the trimesters of my pregnancy. I would always file a sick leave and take long bed rests at home. The slightest move would cause mild bleeding. My doctor had to give me some medications for my uterus to relax and for the baby to stick in the uterus lining properly. It was a constant struggle because I also had to work as we were just starting out that time.

Coping with a delicate pregnancy is not easy but it is also achievable, not without sacrifices. I almost quit my job to just take bed rest while pregnant but hubby and I found a way to make it work without sacrificing work and just being extra careful with my health.

If you are pregnant and you are having a delicate pregnancy but do not know how to cope, here are some tips to help you get by:

Speak to your doctor

I was really blessed to have a very nice OB-GYN who took the time to listen to my concerns, and provide lengthy advises to ensure I and my baby get through the pregnancy healthy and happy. My regular check up with her was a bliss because I know she actually cared.

Look for a doctor who would provide a compassionate approach to help you and your baby progress through a delicate or even high-risk pregnancy. Get recommendations from the hospital or from friends who have doctors they could highly recommend.

Take bed rests if required

If you can take a long sabbatical from your employer and they are cool with it, and if your finances can handle you being out of the company for a while, then take that opportunity to take care of yourself at home and do lots of bed rests.

Eating healthy food

Clean up your diet and fill it with fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich with vitamins and minerals. Check with your doctor about which food is best to help you cope with a delicate pregnancy.

Surround yourself with family and friends

Your family and friends can rally up beside you to help you cope with your delicate pregnancy. Their support will contribute to your well-being, giving you positive vibes especially at a time where your hormones can wreak havoc to your emotions. Aside from that, your family and friends will be good sounding board to air your concerns, fears, and worries about your condition. They can give your morale support

Educate yourself and your partner

Knowing how to deal with a delicate pregnancy by checking resources such as the ones in will help you and your partner better understand the complications of the different types of pregnancy. It can also help you to decide on what measures to take to cope and improve the condition.


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