Spring Themed Mantle Display

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The gloominess of Winter is finally getting lifted in few weeks. We are excited to catch the vibrant Spring. Fret not as Spring is not too far from now. We can already see some buds coming and the crisp air of the new season is slowly making its presence felt.

If your mantle decoration has been stale for a while with all that wood burning to warm the whole place, maybe it time to clean the fireplace and start updating the decor to bring more vivid colours of Spring come to life.

Here are some inspirations I have taken from Pinterest to give you the right nudge on what to put on your mantle, what colour best compliment with what for Spring, and how to combine what you already have at home to create that perfect, lively Spring themed mantle decoration.

Small and flowers

Small house plants and vase full of flowers are good decorations to top your mantle after a long gloomy winter spell. It’s time to bring in some life into your home and add fine scent of sweetness too.

Some florists may already have early blooms for spring that you can put in a vase to accentuate your mantle. If you cannot find flowers at this time, put some small succulents plants in tiny and cute pots and line up your mantle to look like a little spring forest.

(Photo from costafarms.com)


(Photo from pinterest/gatherlove.tumblr.com)


Candelabras and candles

We are very done with winter’s gray spell. It’s time to bring in the light with natural amber coming form beautiful candles and some sparkly or even rustic candelabras to hold those candles in place. You can use scented candles as well to let the sweet smell of spring linger at home.

(Photo credit: fireplacemall.com)


(Photo credit: room-decorating-ideas.com)



There are plenty of big lanterns in the home depot that brings extra drama while adding beauty to your home. I found some really nice lanterns that can be used to hold bigger candles or just act as plain decoration to spice up your mantle for spring.

(Photo credit: about-face-and-fashion.tumblr.com)



Banners are not just used to adorn a place when there are special events. You can also cut up some nice pictures, words to spell out Spring, or tie up old, spare fabrics on a yarn to add colour to your mantle place.

(Photo credit: dining-delight.blogspot.com)


(Photo credit: babble.com)


Eggs and other figurines

Spring is often associated with Easter because the latter usually happens during the period of Spring time. And with Easter decorations proliferating the home depot areas, it is so nice to brighten up the mantle place with either Spring or Easter themed decors.

You can choose some cute egg decors, or some bunny figurines to place on top of the mantle as your focal point. You can also use other spring related figurines like birds, and other critters.

(Photo credit: bhg.com)

(Photo credit: wunderweib.de)


(Photo credit: ironandtwine.blogspot.com)

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