Why It Is Good To Serve Rainbow’s End Frozen Yogurt


Can anything compare with the delightfully tangy, sweet and creamy taste of natural frozen yogurt? The Rainbow’s End company has long been dedicated to bringing this delicious and nutritious treat to people who love the taste of yogurt and the refreshing way it makes them feel. Rainbow’s End is a yogurt supplier that offers great tasting, high quality frozen yogurt to frozen yogurt distributors across the US who believe in offering their customers a high quality and delightfully delicious frozen dessert experience.
A Choice of Great Flavors and Styles

The choices in frozen yogurt and other frozen desserts like classic sorbet, custard and ice cream from Rainbow’s End is absolutely second-to-none. Rainbow’s End non-fat yogurt comes in an incredible choice of flavors, from chocolate to banana, vanilla bean, pumpkin and much, much more! Rainbow’s End Premium Ice Cream is all-natural and made with non-GMO sugars. The result is a taste that is utterly scrumptious, and one that will keep customers coming back for more.
A Healthy Snack

There’s no question that delicious, natural yogurt is a healthy snack alternative. Yogurt is a food that provides protein, calcium, riboflavin, and Vitamin B12 to the diet. Yogurt that contains live yogurt cultures (like yogurt from Rainbow’s End) is a great alternative for people who are lactose intolerant, as the live cultures help to break down lactose in the body.

Yogurt is also shown to help ease hypertension, especially in women during and after pregnancy, by providing calcium, potassium and magnesium to the body in a low-fat form. Yogurt can also help people with osteoporosis, as this calcium-rich food provides what the body needs to strengthen bones and prevent bone loss.

Photo credit: http://myrainbowsend.com/frozen-yogurt/non-fat/

Photo credit: http://myrainbowsend.com/frozen-yogurt/non-fat/

Service Equipment

Rainbow’s End offers everything needed to get a frozen yogurt business running, from the delicious frozen dessert products we offer to the equipment needed for storing and offering yogurt for self serve. Rainbow’s End has three styles of pressurized soft ice cream machines to choose from, from top makers like Electro Freeze, Stoetling and Taylor. Each offers high-end engineering and quality craftsmanship, so your business can offer tasty treats reliably and deliciously.
Point of Sale Materials For Rainbow’s End Products

Customers are sure to be enthused when your company serves treats from Rainbow’s End. This yogurt carries a “Live and Active Cultures” seal that verifies that this yogurt is made with live and active fermented cultures. To help promote the products, we offer point of sale materials, like free, downloadable posters featuring attractive photos and information about the delicious yogurts available from Rainbow’s End.

When it’s time to serve quality frozen yogurt, it’s time for Rainbow’s End.

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