My Dream Closet

Do you ever wonder about your dream closet? I know I do! Reminiscing back to ever since I was able to stand, I loved organizing my clothes and belongings in my bedroom and closet. However, I never felt like I had enough room, and that’s still a big problem in my life! I’m constantly wishing I  had a second closet, and that’s when I heard of MakeSpace, which is a service that comes to your place, picks up your extra items, and stores them for you! Whenever you need something back, you can log onto their app, hit which items you need back, and they bring them back to your doorstep. They’re available in a number of self storage locations and rapidly expanding!

So after hearing about MakeSpace, I got an idea to write about my dream closet if I could design it right here and now. I will admit, it’s one of my most pinned items on Pinterest. I love looking at pictures upon pictures of closets that are bigger than the master bedroom in my house! Racks on racks of shoes, the latest outfits, and maybe even a glass topped island like the picture below, filled with all my jewelry or my two prized possession Michael Kors bags!


Some of my recent favorite closets I’ve seen came from the new Emma Roberts show “Scream Queens” that includes, a two story closet, with a princess-like balcony around the top! All the shoes are the centerpiece, with the beautiful bags on the left, and the organized by color (what I did as a kid) rest of the wardrobe on the right! Organization was a big issue for me growing up, even to the point where my mom would have to leave my clean clothes in a pile on my bed so I could organize them by style, color, and season, so you know this would be my main concern in my dream closet.


In addition, I always have loved the movie “Clueless” that starred Cher, who had a computer controlled closet! Yes, I did not say that wrong, she got to pick her outfit out on her computer, see how it looked on her, and pressed the big “Get Dressed” button and poof, absolute magic! I’m pretty sure every birthday when I blew out the candles, my wish was always to wake up the next day to having Cher’s closet



Last but not least, the last part I would love in my dream closet, is a cute staircase like I found in this one below.The staircase allows for a neat shoe organizer to be put down the side of them, and makes the closet look really rich as there is an underpass that connects to the other side of the closet. The picture even says that this closet is only accessible from the bedroom, making it even cooler! That way it can dub as my secret hideout, I think all I would need to add is a TV (with a NetFlix subscription), and a small love seat so I can sprawl out.


So, snap back to reality, and back into my dreams go all of my dream closet secrets I just shared with you. I’ll keep wishing every birthday, anytime I see a shooting star, and every time I pick up a four leaf clover. Because a girl can dream right?!

Let me know what you would do for your dream closet, I can’t wait to see everyone’s ideas!

– Jessica

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