Minted’s Back To School Stuff For Your Kids And Teens

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Minted is one of my favourite online shops for paper products like journals, notebooks, gift wrappers, and gift tags. I like the many fresh and cool designs that they carry. They are colourful, fun, whimsical, bright, classic, formal, you name it!

Now that school is about to open, are you ready for your kids’ stuff? How about that personalised name tags for their notebooks, books, and school mementos? Check out Minted’s many products just in time for the kid’s Back to School.



Notebooks and journals


Name tags/stickers



Stationery pads


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11 thoughts on “Minted’s Back To School Stuff For Your Kids And Teens

  1. Nilyn Matugas

    Those are lovely notebooks! I remember when I was still schooling, I obsessed with buying notebooks! I still do now, but not as often as I did before. Notebooks were one of my collections back then. :)

  2. Juliana

    I used to be addicted with paper products and later on realized that I’ve totally became a hoarder. I still have ample supply of personalized stuff and sometimes I have the itch to get new stuff. Once an addict – always an addict. It’s the first time I came across minted. It maybe my next shopping destination????

  3. Eve Winters

    I love collecting notebooks and pens not for my son but for myself. And even now with new technology, I still write my essays on notebooks before posting it on my blogs. :-)

  4. Fernando C Lachica

    I wanted my “apos” to have these kinds of school items, but the school requirements prompted them to cover it with colored paper. These items are so cite and clean to look at. Minted school stuff is great all the time.

  5. Nova

    Great website to have your kid’s school items customized if you want or if you want to get them something unique this is one site. I have not familiar with the varieties they have but going through your blog about it, makes me wanted to own something from their products.

  6. Zwitsy

    Artsy stuff to start school year is definitely I really want for myself. Now that I have my son, I also want him to experience starting school year with a full of artsy stuff too! And such stuff from Minted is definitely one of the things not just me would love to have!

  7. Lainy

    This is way too cool, Sis! I love the fabulous artsy designs. It reminded me of my high school years where I was hooked in collecting stationery pads ;-)

  8. j

    Awesome! I love the idea of creating your own cover. Most of the time I buy things from the shops, like other moms, so the chance of things at school getting mixed up is quite high even if they are label as they could come of. Might consider buying in the future.


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