Be Careful With Your Car Bumper Stickers

We put bumper stickers to our cars for many reasons. For one, most of these stickers are colourful. They add pizzaz to our vehicles. They convey the owner’s unique personality. They add to the design. And they can can be a conversation piece. However, much as our intention is as innocent as the bumper stickers that we have displayed in our car, some of these bumper stickers can be very dangerous and leading.

I remember having a conversation with my husband one fine day while we were out shopping. We happened to pass by a stall that created unique vinyl stickers and one of them are cute stick figures to put on the rear of your car. My husband didn’t buy the idea because he said it would call so much attention and would give off unwarranted information to strangers. I didn’t get his logic that time until I saw this photo in FB.

So, let me just remind you about the potential danger of some stickers you place on your vehicle. They can give information about your family even if you don’t mean to shout it out to the universe. The photo below clearly illustrates the danger of certain bumper stickers in your car. Just be cautious and don’t give unscrupulous people the chance to put you and your loved ones in harm’s way.


(Photo credit: credit to the owner / taken from FB wall post)


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7 thoughts on “Be Careful With Your Car Bumper Stickers

  1. Lencilicious

    Between me and my husband, I am more skeptic in putting bumpers stickers. That is for the same reasons you have stated here. I don’t want to give away personal information.

  2. Rose Cottrill

    We don’t have bumper stickers but I do see so many cars with it. You can really tell who drives the car when there are stickers which is dangerous sometimes.

  3. Nova

    Very well said and directed here. I was planning to put up stickers on our car back shield but, my husband told me that it isn’t a good idea because you do give the information to those bad people. They would know about your family the first thing they see those stickers, and he was absolutely right. Although it’s cute to look at but it’s dangerous especially nowadays.


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