7 Tips for Traveling With Children

Every new mom could use some tips when it comes to traveling with their kids. As a new mother, it’s not easy to travel with a baby or small child, but it’s often unavoidable. With the right preparation and tools, it can be much less challenging for both mommy and baby.

1. Understand the immense benefits to traveling with your children. You’ll explore places you’ve already been, but this time through the eyes of your child. You’ll be able to enjoy a slower pace, which means you’ll really be able to take in the surroundings.

2. Ask about deals for little ones, on both flights and at Barcelona hotels. Most airlines won’t charge you for a flight if your child is under two years old, for example.

3. Try to book your trip during a normal nap time or bed time. This way, your child will already be sleepy and they may stay asleep during most of the flight. Overnight flights are best if the flight time is long.

4. Reserve seats that are near either the wings or the engine. The white noise will help soothe your child into sleep. Plus, it’ll block out other noise from the other passengers.

5. Try to bottle feed during the take-off and landing. The sucking motion will help your child to ward off air pressure on their ears. If they’re not ready to eat, give them a pacifier to get them to make that sucking motion.

6. Pack plenty of snacks, blankets and familiar toys. Sometimes, kids need a lot of distractions during flights. Bring along whatever’s necessary to keep them happy and busy.

7. If your child seems to like traveling and takes to it well, continue traveling throughout their childhood. They’ll become more and more accustomed to the regular trips, which will make traveling easier overall.

Don’t let your trip get ruined with avoidable frustrations. Take the hard-won advice from moms who have been there and make the most of your first family vacation.

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