Delight Your Kids With A Surprise Box From Citrus Lane

We love our kids very much and we show it to them in many ways. There is another creative way to make them feel extra special by giving them a surprise box every month, packed with items your kids will need and love. Imagine packing your love in a box and having it delivered too! Now, that Citrus Lane for you!

Sign up now and deliver your love and care in a box every month in a Citrus Lane surprise box. Find out more by clicking on the image below.

You may cancel your subscription anytime.

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12 thoughts on “Delight Your Kids With A Surprise Box From Citrus Lane

    1. ria Post author

      That’s very true Ate Teresa. Same here. It would be nice to look forward to something esp if your kids have been very good and deserve a reward. You can surprise them with this.

  1. juliana

    This is good investment. For an affordable amount of money covering the cost of subscription, they can try and experience different products that would otherwise be unknown to them.

  2. betchai

    i wonder if parents could choose items to be packed too every month too without adding to the membership cost, kind of a cool idea for those with kids that have really growing learning needs

  3. Kulasa

    A surprise box every month sounds awesome! I can imagine the kiddo’s faces beaming with glee!: )

    P.S. so love your welcoming lovely smile below; )

    1. ria Post author

      I think this is a good way to reward our children when they do good deeds, behave properly, excel in school and just being great kids in their own right. Get one now sis :)


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