Millie Misses Us

Each time we go on vacation, Millie has to be left to a relative who will watch, feed and take care of her while we are away. I do feel guilty leaving her behind but we cannot take her to our long trips abroad because it is just not practical.

I think, Millie knows when we are going for a long vacation. Every time we pack our luggages, she will watch intently, gazing on the clothes we are putting in the luggages and she will sniff like crazy. I know and feel that she will be left again to the care of someone not her “mommy and daddy.”

I am sorry to do that but we need to go on our family trips too. If there are no regulations about taking pets to long haul flights without being subjected to quarantine policies, I will definitely take her with me in a heart beat.

So, when we came back from leave, our little “diva dog” was whimpering and sounded hoarse when she greeted us. I can feel the love and longing that she had bottled up for 10 days. She jumped and hugged our legs and even slept next to us, as if to make sure that we will not leave her again or at least, not soon.

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