Do Not Text And Drive

The “don’t drink and drive” has been thrown to another level of causes why there are accidents on the road. If you think that drinking and driving is one of the top combination   a person does when figuring in an accident or even dies because of it, you are wrong.

Recently, a young man form Colorado died early April 2013 because of texting while driving. Alexander Heit’s life was cut short when he was texting while driving. His car drove onto oncoming traffic and he lost control of his vehicle and died on the crash.

His parents released a photograph of the last text message that was cut short by their son to warn others of the potential risk of texting while driving.

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Let this graphic and painful image be a warning and reminder to every motorists out there to be cautious and practice safe driving.

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7 thoughts on “Do Not Text And Drive

  1. Teresa Martinez

    Driving requires the undivided attention of the person behind the wheel. Anything that distracts is potential danger. It literally takes a blink of an eye for an accident to happen.

  2. Claire

    That is really true. Our place here is an oil boom town and there has been lot of incidents where fender-bender are caused with either DUI and driving while testing. It gets me even more scared to even learn how to drive. Husband has the tendency to do that, that’s why when I am around I do the texting for him

  3. cheerful

    a happy sort of message that ends up loosing someone’s life, sad. i hope people who do this will read this and learn, life is great after all. :)

  4. Lainy

    This is a hard lesson for text addicts. Texting can wait. I have heard that in Malaysia, they strictly impose the “do not text and drive law.” There’s some sanctions if found to be violating this. I should ask Windy about this.


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