Singapore Vacation Is Over Too Soon

Good things never really last like our just concluded vacation. My daughter and I had so much fun and I wish it was tad longer. The 5 days spent in Singapore was eventful with showers here and there and then hot and humid afterwards. However, all in all, it is a nice vacation.

I am very surprised and in awe by the beautiful Resorts World Sentosa. We stayed at Hard Rock Hotel which is inside the resort so going to the Universal Studios was a breeze, only if it didn’t rain! We walked around Universal Studios in rain coats and my SD card in the camera got wet so half of the pictures taken in Universal Studios were gone. Too bad.

Few days after, we moved to Landmark Village Hotel. It wasn’t as fancy as Hard Rock Hotel but it was close to the

Bugis Metro Station and a lot of eateries and malls.

We also visited theĀ Gardens By The Bay which was newly opened last 29 June 2012. It is a haven for nature lover because it has 2 big conservatories filled with flowers and tropical plants. The other parts of the Garden is open to the public from 5 in the morning until 2 in the morning the next day. This is a must-see attraction and I will guarantee you that it is worth the time.

Another thing that got my attention is the major infrastructure around the bay area like the new steel buildings around the Marina. The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is breath-taking and very imposing. It stands facing the bay and has a beautiful infinity pool on top of the hotel. Another must-see place in Singapore!

A Lot has changed in Singapore since the last time we were there and it was only 4 years ago. It is more greener and beautiful with the addition of the attractions surrounding the bay area. I didn’t fancy Singapore then but I guess, it is starting to grow in me. We may be back soon for all you know.

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